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Workwear is always a pain because you’ve got to balance being creative, stylish and impressive while hewing to your budget. I know many of us fall into the vicious cycle of purchasing new items every other week in an attempt to keep our looks fresh, but here at herworldPLUS, we know that that’s not the only way to give your outfits a promotion. 

Today, we share some pointers on how you can mix and match the items that you already have in your closet to give your typical nine-to-five ensembles a refreshing makeover. 

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1. The work suit

Yes, we’re talking about the white shirt, black blazer and pants combination that gives off the most boring courtroom-formal vibes. The easiest thing you can do to make the suit look more fashionable is to add a touch of colour with a little neck scarf. This will inject a refreshing focal point to the monochromatic outfit.

If the weather forbids, you can try to “loosen” up your suit by pushing up your sleeves to just below your elbows and cuffing or folding your pants to expose your ankles.

2. The pencil skirt

The most trusty figure-flattering staple that every “OL”(office lady) swears by. However, wardrobe staples can look stale and boring when you “abuse” them. Instead of pairing a staple with a staple (read: the regular white shirt) go for something a little more dramatic on top. We’ve recommended a couple of awesome white shirts that will impress everyone at the office previously.

If these white shirts are not in your arsenal yet, you can pair the pencil skirt with oversized sweaters – it’s best if they come in quirky prints! For those of you who have a strict office dress code, try adding a belt to give the outfit more visual interest.

3. The white shirt

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, stop pairing a staple with a staple. The white shirt is the unanimous workwear staple and to jazz it up, you should consider skipping the pencil skirts and slim fit trousers. Pair it with a bottom that has an exaggerated silhouette instead – think culottes or wide-leg trousers. If you have a casual office dress code, you can also opt for the super popular “Mom jeans” or cropped flared jeans with raw hems.

4. The black dress

This one is probably the easiest to dress up, because it’s a blank canvas for you to work your magic on. You can bust out some statement necklaces that you already have, or add an embellished belt and an eye-catching brooch.