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The opening look of the Junko Koshino show. Credit: Fide Fashion Weeks

Day five of the Singapore Fashion Week 2013 was solely dedicated to Japanese couture. The crème de la crème of Japanese high fashion – Junko Koshino, Yoshiki Hishinuma and Keita Maruyama – showed their collections at Marina Bay Sands where the 11-day event was held.

The Japanese community in Singapore was out in full force in support and even the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was present – in spirit. A congratulatory message from him was read by the hosts as the night of Japanese couture began and it certainly set the celebratory mood.

Credit: Fide Fashion Weeks

Needless to say, the first show Junko Koshino opened to great anticipation. One of Japan’s most celebrated fashion designers, Koshino is also a highly acclaimed costume designer who has received a prestigious Tony Award nomination. With her runway collections traditionally presented in a theatrical manner – this year was no exception.

Credit: Fide Fashion Weeks

The doors at the front of the runway slid back to reveal an army of eight models – all with elaborate topknots, some even fashioned like ribbons. To open the show, the first model glided down the catwalk with her arms held out, allowing her cape to billow and open up like a kite – a truly dramatic moment. Her compatriots were decked out in bodices and sheer pieces with silver and metallic black details – setting the mood for a decidedly boudoir-inspired show.

Credit: Fide Fashion Weeks

The looks that followed were kimono-based but with lace inserts and less-than-traditional obi belts. The lace detailed long kimono robes were left open and fluttered behind the models that interestingly enough had hints of the sarong kebaya. The show’s soundtrack of booming tribal drums pounding out a rhythm was a stark difference to the languid movements of the models.

Designer Junko Koshino taking her bow. Credit: Fide Fashion Weeks

Koshino also gave the colour-blocking treatment to some of the looks. True to the lingerie theme, slip dresses were plentiful but these looks were more peekaboo than in-your-face-sexy as bare shoulders were covered with silk robes with gold motifs, some typical of the traditional kimono. Footwear also fit the relaxed boudoir mood of the collection – with the models mostly wearing barely there slippers.

The Junko Koshino show took place on October 13 2013 as part of the Japanese Couture night at the Singapore Fashion Week 2013. 

Singapore Fashion Week 2013 runs at Marina Bay Sands until October 19, 2013. For more information on Fashion Week 2013 and schedule of shows, go to You can get your tickets at

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