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“Whatever you do, don’t wear PVC. I wore it once and died,” says Aida Eiliza, 35, emphatically, of what not to wear to an outdoor music festival.

“I thought okay, it may be PVC, but it’s a skirt, short, so it should be quite cooling. No, it wasn’t cooling at all.”

Ginette and Aida of Ruffians
Aida Eiliza (left) and Ginette Chittick (right) of Ruffians. Photos by Roger Chua

Ginette Chittick, 35, sitting next to her, just laughs, possibly visualising Aida’s plight. The feisty pair should know; both of them make up DJ duo Ruffians, who are regulars on the music festival and indie club scene; either spinning together or individually.

Chittick is best known for her sets at Beat! in Home Club, while Eiliza (better known as Jah) is part of a DJ collective trio who regularly churn out crowd-pleasers at Zouk’s Poptart.

They still make the best music together though – as fans of theirs can attest to – obviously because of their tight friendship that dates back to 1998. Ruffians didn’t come about until almost a decade later in 2007, but we’re satisfied; since this is already a good five years of great mixes from them.

The next time you’ll see them on stage will be this Saturday, June 9, at the Fred Perry Subculture presents Sub-Sonic Live event, where they’ll get indie-music lovers grooving to classic rock and electronica tunes.

Ginette and Aida of RuffiansWhy the name Ruffians?

“I heard this song “Derwin” by the band Huggy Bear, and there was this word “ruffian” in one of their songs. I really liked how they said it. Plus it is just a word that is so aesthetically pleasing to look at,” says Chittick.

“We’re monkeys on stage too. We jump about and basically creating more havoc than music, that’s why the name Ruffians” adds Eiliza.

It would make sense then, considering they are music buffs and old-hands (not old, mind you) at almost every music scene in Singapore, that they would know exactly how to dress for an outdoor music festival.

This will be the first time that the Fred Perry Subculture event will be held outdoors since it began in Singapore in May 2010, which means party-goers this year will have to figure out what to wear to look good and still keep their cool.

Aida is wearing the Loopback sweat dress from the SS12 authentic collection, $199, and Ginette is wearing the Amy Winehouse Hawaiian print shirt from the AW11 collection, $219.

Here are their tips on what to wear:

#1: If it is raining, has rained or looks like it is going to rain, never ever wear flip flops or heels. You don’t want to get them stuck in the mud

#2: Stay away from mini-skirts, there’s no point in wearing them if you have to sit down. If you must wear skirts, the best length to go for is the midi.

#3: Try a boyfriend shirt over a tank top. It is versatile enough that you can take it off when it’s hot and wear it in case it gets cold at night

#4: Wear a hat to keep the sun off your face if the music festival starts in the afternoon, and always have a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes. Also don’t forget to bring a fan.

#5: Invest in a good, light sling bag. This is great for festivals as you can dance with it and keep your valuables safe.

#6: Opt for really comfortable shoes like sturdy sneakers. They are crucial in determining how much fun you’ll have.

#7: Two keywords for your outfit. Loose and cotton. Enough said.

# 8: Buy a cheap disposable transparent raincoat in case it pours. You won’t have fun trying to dance while holding an umbrella.

The Fred Perry Subculture presents Sub-Sonic Live event takes place this Saturday, June 9, at The Court, 1 Kay Siang Road. Line-up includes Astreal, Monster Cat, The Sets Band and Syndicate on visuals. Event starts from 7pm. Club rules apply.

Visit their facebook page for more information.

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