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Credit: Dave Benett

You have watched the teaser, now get your first look at the new It bag from Mulberry.

Mulberry may be a no-show on the schedule for London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014 but it doesn’t mean that the fashion crowd will forget about the brand. If a collaboration with the hottest model of the moment doesn’t hit headlines, we don’t know what will.

Credit: Morgan O’Donovan

The British label has the habit of naming its bags after It girls – think the Alexa and Del Rey. This time, Mulberry ups the ante. Cara Delevingne has jumped onboard to help design a collection of bags. The new Cara Delevingne doesn’t only bear the model’s full name, the model has also included her own personal tastes and touches in the design.

Credit: Morgan O’Donovan

“I love to be elegant. But it’s not about trying too hard, it has to be effortless,” said Delevingne. about wanting to create a bag that was both elegant and practical. She worked together with the brand’s design team and also ateliers to infuse her own brand of rock and roll, quirky spirit while staying true to Mulberry’s identity and signature style. Every detail, from the buckles to the hardware, had been mulled over by Delevingne.

Credit: Dave Benett

Here are six things to know about the Mulberry Cara Delevingne bag:
1. The three-in-one design can be worn as a backpack, on the shoulder or handheld.
2. The Cara Delevingne bag comes in three sizes: Mini, Medium and Large.
3. There are three styles of the bag: Natural Leather in black and Oxblood, Nappa Leather with a quilted finish in Delevingne Green, Indigo Blue and Black, Haircalf in Dark green, White and Grey.

Credit: Dave Benett

4. Besides the three styles, a limited edition design has gold lion rivets, inspired by Delevingne’s lion tattoo, studded to Silky Calf leather.
5. Inside the bag, you will find a small lion rivet and heart-shaped patch, also inspired by one of the model’s tattoos.
6. “Made in England” is stamped on the bottom of each bag – in the same way the phrase is tattooed on the bottom of Delevinge’s foot.

This bag is for everyone, as Delevingne says it best, “My Granny will like this bag. She’s one hundred and two years old. My five year old cousin will probably like this bag. He’s a boy.”

The Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection is scheduled to launch from mid-August 2014 and will be stocked in selected Mulberry stores and online worldwide. Prices start from £890 for the Mini, £1,100 for the Medium and £1,250 for the Large. Go to to see the Mulberry Cara Delevingne collection. Follow Mulberry on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ for more updates from Mulberry.