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What: Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2014-15

From left: Hanneli Mustaparta, Freida Pinto, Blake Lively and Rose Bryne at the Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2014 show. Credit: Getty Images for Michael Kors 

The guests: Blake Lively, Michael Douglas, Rose Byrne, Freida Pinto, Naya Rivera, Miroslava Duma, Hanneli Mustaparta

Inspiration: The Big Sur (a region in Northern California) meets big city

Romantic, layer looks at the Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2014 show. Credit: Showbit

The looks: With an instrumental version of the Mamas and Papas’ “California Dreaming” playing in the background, the scene was set for Michael Kors’ Autumn Winter 2014 show. Imagine girls stuck in cold weather, dreaming of warmth. There you have it, that’s the collection in a nutshell.

Sportswear juxaposed with floaty dresses. Credit: Showbit

It’s a romantic look when cozy knits and oversized jackets are layered over flimsy, floaty dresses with fur stoles. The designer didn’t forget to inject python prints on the soft floaty dresses. There were Ali Macgraw references in the A-line denim skirts, belts slung at the hips, and peasant blouses with low v-necklines. The metallic chiffon dresses, especially those with cape details, smacked of Stevie Nicks.

We especially liked the huge sweater and sweatpants paired casually with a giant mink vest. We can’t think of a better juxtaposition of the newly minted billionaire’s signature sportswear and luxury.

Tassels, peasant blouses and dramatic outerwear were also featured. Credit: Showbit

The accessories: The tassels of the fringed clutch that the models held close to their body, blended in perfectly with the rest of the look. Slouchy boots were paired perfectly with full peasant skirts and flat huaraches featured alongside sportier ensembles.

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