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We do not need to be ‘in love’ with someone to receive treats and gifts this February. Self love is just as important than loving a guy. To celebrate all the strong, independent single women out there (cue Destiny’s Child theme tune in the background) we’ve rounded up all the epic things to treat yourself to this V-Day, just because.




We’ve gathered a collection of items to accommodate all tastes and budgets, with our super splurge items being the iconic Cats Eye watch from Girard-Perregaux and these stunning yellow gold panther studs from Cartier. These are for the girls who believe they deserve to spend some of their hard earned cash on themselves. For the girls who want to just update their wardrobe with something new and fresh, we’ve got a denim jacket, a dress, a mesh bodysuit, embellished jumper and a couple of pairs of ankle boots too. 

Oh, and the great thing about all this is – you don’t have a delivery date deadline. You don’t care if your online shopping splurge arrives on the 12th or the 16th of the month. So you buy at your leisure and be smug later. It’s a win-win.

Click, scroll, buy and when you receive it feel free to shout ‘to me, love me’ as loud as you possibly can. Sing it for bonus points.