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london fashion week ss19


With London Fashion Week just ending, it’s time to look at the upcoming trends that will shape our wardrobe in the coming months: Neons are bolder and brighter, while fishnets attempt to catch our attention.

Our favourite trend? The face paint motif, where clothing from brands like Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry showcased classical paintings splashed across dresses. There’s really nothing like looking at a person’s face as you walk towards them with a 16th century face staring at them.  

But, lest we not forget, LFW is also a place for the weird, the wonderful and the outright bizarre to dwell. Molly Goddard boldly declared the new, vegetal it bag, while Victoria Beckham commemorated a decade.

Here’s a round-up of what you might have missed:


Cabbages are the next it bags

london fashion week ss19

Photo: rebeccamaybesphoto/Instagram

Bags are out and a vegetable is in. All hail the cabbage!

Just kidding. But for Molly Goddard, the recent winner of the British Fashion Council/Vogue Fashion Fund Award, cabbages were the next it accessory.

Wearing her latest Spring/Summer ‘19 collection, a sporadic selection of models walked down with savoy cabbages in tow. Why? No-one really knows. Maybe self-made Goddard love her greens or maybe she feels clutches are redundant now. Here’s to hoping that we look as fresh as those cabbages come summer.


The naked model show aka Pam Hogg’s runway

london fashion week ss19

Photo: pamhoggfashion/Instagram

Think about what you would usually see on a runway. Got that? Now throw all of that out of the window. That’s what you should expect with Pam Hogg: The unusual, the extraordinary and the breathtaking. Known for her fascination with blood and nudity, (almost) naked models graced the runways with her latest SS19 collection. Don’t worry, you might get used to her designs eventually.




10 become 1


london fashion week ss19

Photo: liyakabede/Instagram

Posh Spice turned posh designer Victoria Beckham celebrated her 10th year anniversary with her latest showing at LFW. Not only was it a joyous birthday, the show marked the brand’s first ever display in London. Cementing her status as a designer with a timeless aesthetic, Stella Tennant and Liya Kebede, aged 47 and 40 respectively, were roped in to be part of her runway lineup. We’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want – VB to showcase every LFW.


A rebirth


london fashion week ss19

Photo: burberry/Instagram

Italian-borned ex-Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci presented his debut collection ‘Kingdom’ with the British luxury fashion house at Vauxhall, London two days ago. As the chief creative officer of this 162-year-old brand, Tisci had recently unveiled bold new changes to the Burberry style, including a collaboration with fellow British label Vivienne Westwood and an entirely new logo and monogram print.


Flying off

london fashion week ss19

Photo: alexachungstagram/Instagram

Former TV presenter and model Alexa Chung can now add another occupation to her name: A fashion designer. A globetrotter and a muse to many designers, Chung took inspiration from ‘70s rock stars Bianca Jagger and George Harrison for her show entitled ‘Arrivals and Departures’. This collection is a romantic take on the airport fashion – chic and stylish yet unabashedly comfortable and wearable.  Side note: No travel pillows were used in the making of this catwalk show.