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A decade back when livejournal was a thing (gasp, I know right?), the internet was littered with run-of-the-mill online stores that sold things in the same vein. Flash forward to the present when everybody is looking to express themselves through fashion (hypebeasts versus minimalists), beauty (apparently, the limit doesn’t exist) or even the way they deck their houses out, we’re constantly in need for options. For those looking for vintage-looking ones that play well with the others you already have, local label In A Perfect World is your solution.


The Chinese love jade because of its properties (sorry Goop, they discovered first) – it’s purported to promote self-healing and calms the nervous system but In A Perfect World’s modern take is in an acrylic with an equally soothing verdant green.


Founded in early 2018 by Sarah and Erica, In A Perfect World’s curation draws from Australian fashion culture but is designed for the everyday Singaporean woman no matter her age, job or interest (now that’s democracy). A simple classic gold stud for work, a statement piece pearl drop for weddings, or a casual Sunday tonal resort-esque acrylic earringall part of collections the brand updates regularly.


“The notion of In A Perfect World first started off during a casual conversation, with the simple question, “What’s in your perfect world?” – which has now become the brand motto & tagline.”


Not only do we have to thank the romans for underfloor heating, concrete and the modern calendar, we have to thank them for inspiring In A Perfect World’s coin pendants and earrings – a twist to the standard gold classics.


And if that isn’t enough to inspire you to click check out, each piece is sent in a canvas dust pouch and the ladies will only provide the necessary amount of bags for each other in a bid to go green. Prices start at $18 for a pair of ear studs to $32 for spectacle chains.


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