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Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion opportunistKarl Lagerfeld calls himself a “fashion opportunist”. The German designer’s lower priced Karl collection is launching on Net-A-Porter later this month.

The aim is to make his brand more accessible, with a T-shirt costing £70 and a pair of his renowned gloves £50.

Karl has explained why he wanted to design a cheaper collection.

“This is something that didn’t exist in the past and I am a fashion opportunist,” he told the British edition of Grazia magazine. “I like to do things that have not been done. It had not been done with a name like mine so I think it’s interesting and very exciting.”

Other pieces on offer are a leather jacket coming in at £980, black slim-fitting trousers at £155 and Pewter jeans at £195.

Karl has his own label and is also the creative director of Chanel and Fendi. He’s also created affordable lines with shops and often photographs for fashion campaigns.

He appeared to poke fun at his reputation as being the hardest working man in fashion when asked a joke question by the magazine. “A shopping bag,” he replied, when quizzed on what fashion accessory he’d be. © COVER MEDIA