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Photo: Dior

It’s been 19 years since Dior launched an original scent.

So immense, so paramount, so pivotal is the launch for the fashion house that it’s shrouded in secrecy for months before the big reveal. And it is a major event. Not since J’Adore (created by French master perfumer Calice Becker in 1999), and Miss Dior (the first scent, created by Christian Dior himself in 1947), has there been a new addition to the brand’s fragrance family.

Meet Joy.



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Created by Francois Demachy, Dior’s virtuoso of fragrances, the perfume is neither a Miss Dior nor a J’Adore, which have each undergone seven iterations since their respective launches. Joy is about the confident woman. It is about being happy and carefree. It is about not taking yourself too seriously, yet leaving a seriously lasting impression.

The scent is strikingly feminine, opening with the citrusy notes of bergamot and mandarin, then evolving into warm sandalwood and cedar. It’s a scent you could wear all day – and then sleep in.

“I chose to create an enveloping scent, marked by softness as well as by energy,” says Demachy.


dior joy instagram jennifer lawrence

Photo: dior/Instagram

To front the scent, Dior looked to award-winning American actress Jennifer Lawrence, whose endearing personality and effervescence the fashion house says perfectly reflects the perfume’s essence. Here, she shares her thoughts about the fragrance and what  she’s been involved in lately.

When you think about an ideal image of a woman, what are some traits that come to mind? Is there a specific person you would consider your role model?
“Strong, in control. There are many women whom I have considered role models. In my professional life, I was very lucky to work with Jodie Foster when I was about 18. She gave me amazing advice on life and my career, and she is incredibly grounded. So, she has been a role model.

Also, my mom, family and friends.”

What are you interested in these days?
I have been spending time on an organisation that I am a part of called Represent.Us, which is about engaging young people politically on a local level. Represent.Us is the US’ largest grassroots anti-corruption campaign which brings together conservatives, progressives and everyone in between to work towards fixing America’s political system. We’re going around Congress by passing anti-corruption laws in cities and states. These laws protect our communities from corruption – and build momentum for national reform.”


dior joy instagram jennifer lawrence

Photo: Dior

What do you love about this fragrance?
“I love that it is subtle from the moment you put it on. A lot of fragrances are too strong until they have had a chance to rest, but this one is soft and beautiful as soon as it comes out of the bottle. The floral notes make it immediately feminine,but it is also balanced with sandalwood and musks so it is fresh and modern without being too sweet.”

Would you wear it at any particular time of the day, or every day, or on special occasions?
“I think it’s perfect for day and night because the floral scents are fresh while the musk is more sensual. The balance also makes it a great fragrance for every season.”

In your opinion, what makes the fragrance unforgettable?
“I think it’s how all the different layers and notes work together in perfect harmony. It is floral, woody, warm and smooth all at the same time. It’s unlike anything else I have ever smelled.”

This article first appeared in the September issue of Her World magazine.