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We’ll be the first to admit it: Stripes aren’t the easiest trend to work with this season (or any other, for that matter). Well, unless you have Sonia Sui’s supermodel figure, of course. For the rest of us mere mortals, deciding upon which type of stripe to go for can be a real struggle.

Here’s an example. Thick horizontal stripes can make your body look bigger than it really is, and not everybody wants that. On the other hand, while thin vertical stripes can give the illusion of a slimmer torso, skinny lines that are designed too closely together can result in a dizzying and headache-inducing optical illusion.

Does this make you feel like you’re running out of options? Don’t panic. Scroll down to discover how you can still work the trend, which is incredibly impactful when done right.

1. Consider the proportions

Skirt, $138.80 by iRoo

If evenly spaced horizontal stripes are starting to bore you out, consider a piece that comes with stripes in varying proportions. The lines on this skirt differ in thickness and make for a fresh and contemporary update to the classic look.

2. Think horizontal

The Anne-Marie striped swimsuit, $220 by Solid & Striped at Matchesfashion

Think of vertical stripes as the kinder sibling to horizontal stripes: The former flatters the body by elongating your silhouette – a boon if you’re self-conscious about your height.


3. Wear it for both work and on weekends

Shirt, $570 by Sandro

A striped shirt works brilliantly for both workdays and the weekends. Pair it with a pencil skirt and you’re boardroom-ready; for the weekends, match your striped shirt with wide-leg trousers and you’re all set to meet your girlfriends for brunch.


4. Match stripes with high-waisted pants

Pants, price unavailable by Tory Burch

There are two things that we love about this pair of pants: It boasts vertical stripes and is high-waisted to boot. This means your legs are going to look extra long and lean in them, so strut away.


5. Try it on your feet

Satin mules, $680 by No. 21 at Matchesfashion

This pair of satin mules fuses two of the biggest trends this season: Stripes and kitten heels. What are you still waiting for? Walk away with them like, right now.


6. Instead of wearing it, carry it

Striped canvas cross-body bag, $770 by Balenciaga at Matchesfashion

If you’re feeling iffy about wearing stripes but you don’t want to miss out on the trend, take baby steps by exploring striped accessories instead. This sturdy cross-body is the perfect companion for a spiffy night out with the girls.


7. Go for the waves

Sunglasses, price unavailable by Fendi

Too cool for conventional stripes? Why not try on this groovy pair of Fendi sunglasses accented with wavy stripes for a playful look? The winged out silhouette also serves as an instant  “eyelift” for a more alert appearance, which is always a bonus.