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Due to our tropical climate, we tend to look to shorter hemlines to stay cool, and the mini skirt is a great alternative to shorts. If there’s one thing in my wardrobe I cannot live without, it’s definitely the mini skirt. In my opinion, they are actually more flattering than shorts! 

When they are styled correctly, they can also be chic, add a huge dollop of sass to an outfit and making legs look like they go on forever. However, these little guys can also be tricky to pull off because of its length. You might come across as cheap and tacky if you pair them with the wrong items. 

But don’t worry, anyone can rock a mini skirt! They don’t have to be reserved for the Twiggys of the world. The key is all in the styling. Here are four simple ways on how you can how to pull off the look with aplomb. 

1. Make the legs your focal point 
You know that you are gunning for a sexy leggy look, so there’s no need for anything other than the legs to take centre stage. To ensure that you’re showing just the right amount of skin, don’t wear any low-cut or revealing tops, or tops that expose your midriff (if your mini skirt is low-waisted) and sheer fabrics. It can make  you seem like you’re trying too hard. 

2. Create a balance
While you should avoid skimpy tops, keep an eye out for tops that can help you create a more proportionate look. Tops with wider and looser silhouettes will aid in enhancing the length of your legs, making them look longer and leaner: Think oversized knits, blouses with drapes, or flowy tunics. 

3. Shoes maketh the outfit
Shoes are so important when you are styling a mini skirt. As a general rule, you should steer clear from sky-high pumps! These shoes has a very high potential of cheapening the outfit and making you look crassy. If you would like some height in your shoes, platform pumps provide the best leg-slimming effect. Their wider and more solid proportions help to make the legs appear more lean. Avoid wearing shoes that are dainty or delicate, as heels with thin straps will make your feet and legs appear larger.

4. Contrasting elements 
Most people regard anything that is short and tight to have serious sex appeal. Break that preconception and pair your mini skirt with edgy accessories, like a pair of masculine boots, brogues or a cotton shirt with an unconventional cut. This way, you make mini skirts look playful and really chic.