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Alberta Ferretti / Image: Showbit

To me, feeling sexy is a matter of attitude. At the risk of sounding like a cliche — confidence is sexy. However, when it comes to dressing the part, I have to admit that it gets a little more complicated. There’s an extremely fine line between celebrating sensuous femininity and coming on too strong (read: trashy and skanky). 

When it comes to looking sultry, all the stylish ladies would understand that less is more. We know that cleavage-baring necklines and body-hugging minis will definitely turn heads, but we’d rather flaunt our sexiness in a more subtle, elegant and sophisticated way. 

To dress sexy while still maintaining classiness requires lots of confidence and a scrupulous attention to detail. Here are five super useful tips to make sure you command attention when you walk into a room for all the right reasons.

1. Just one focal point 
While you should be proud of all your bodily assets, you should only show off one part of your body at a time. Focus on your favourite feature: long legs, small waist, full bust or even your collarbone. For example, if you want to show off those toned abs that you’ve been working so hard on, go grab that crop top but try to keep your limbs covered. Don’t bare them all! This helps people to immediately notice your proudest asset yet still leave enough to the imagination. 

2. Wear sensual colours 
Generally, colours like red, black and white are great sensual colours that will automatically draw the attention of those around you, even if the design of your outfit is relatively simple. You can also opt for colours that complement your skin tone. Rich jewel hues like purple and dark green look great on cool skin tones, whereas metallics and neon are more suitable for people with warm skin tones. Bold, bright colors look great on neutral skin tones. 

3. Wear lace 
Lace has never gone out of style. In fact, we suspect that it has some magical transformative powers that help to make any woman feel like a seductress when they put it on. Try peekaboo lace styles to allow people get a glimpse of your body without it being completely exposed for an alluring look. You can opt to  place the lace strategically over your favorite feature to flaunt it and try to avoid head to toe lace. It will only make you look antiquey. 

4. Fancy footwear 
Wearing a fantastic heel (that you can actually walk in) is a great way to create interest without crossing the boundary of good taste. It will definitely give a great boost to your sex appeal. They change the way you carry yourself, your posture and your strut. It adds few inches to your height, making your legs look longer and leaner. One word of warning, though: Remember to stay away from platform stilettos to prevent yourself from venturing into skanky territory. 

5. Everything starts from the inside 
Last but not least, your intimates. Like I said earlier, sexiness is an attitude so it has to come from within, both literally and metaphorically. If it helps with the attitude, put on some seductive lingerie (lace, silk or satin) to help you feel sexy in your own skin. For those who are donning figure-hugging bodycon numbers, remember to pick the correct bra in a complementary colour (and shapewear for those who need them) to ensure that you feel super sleek in the dress.