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Singapore may only have one season, perpetual summer, but that doesn’t mean our climate isn’t a tropical rollercoaster all of its own! We still weather (excuse the pun) humidity, torrential rain, intense sunshine and a whole lot of sweat-inducing heat! These extremes in climate can do crazy things to our poor shoes, which take us from A to B through every sun-drenched day and tropical rainstorm.

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Suede fades, leather gets wrecked and our favourite flats start to smell less than fresh! What’s a girl to do to keep her favourite footwear looking as fine as can be? Well, we’ve got you covered, with our handy how-to on keeping those Louboutins in enviable condition come rain or shine:

1. Sweatbox shoe syndrome


Available at The Body Shop and online, $21.90 for 100ml

We have to get a bit icky with you here, sweat and dead skin cell build up is what causes all manner of unpleasant odours in those cute canvas flats of ours. We’ve all been there, no shame! Tackle the problem by treating your feet to a beautifying scrub (we love the Body Shop’s peppermint pumice one) and dry them well before spritzing them with a deodorising spray. Clean out those shoes by using a wet wipe, any baby or face wipe will work!

2. Keeping up appearances


Image: Christian Louboutin, suede pumps $900 available here

For any really tough stains grab an old toothbrush and some baby soap to gently scrub them out. If the stains are lighter try a soft sponge with liquid clothes detergent instead. TOP TIP: For not so delicate shoes, such as sneakers, pop them in the washing machine to return them to their former brilliance, it sounds strange, but trust us, it works!

2. Treating your leathers


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As well the standard polish you should always treat your trusty leather booties to, clean up any temporary stains with saddle soap, which gets rid of dirt without destroying the material.

3. Why does it always rain on me?

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Synthetic leather and rubber shoes, $165 by Melissa from Zalora

Getting stuck in a tropical Singapore rain storm is not fun unless you’re wearing waterproof shoes, like our perfect for SG weather Melissa jellies! Dry out soaked shoes by rolling up some old newspaper and balling it up inside to absorb the moisture and any smells. If they’re not saturated, try the more Asian method of pouring uncooked rice grains into them, it will dry them right out pronto! Just make sure to pour out the rice when you’re done.

4. Protect your coloured leather and suede

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Suede and nubuck protector kit with balm, spray and cleaner, available at Timberland stores nationwide

Blue suede shoes may be gorgeous enough to have their own song, but they can be troublesome to maintain in Singapore weather. Coloured leather and suede can fade under the scorching sun, so make sure to protect them. For suede, try Kiwi’s specialised spray and for leather use a wax-based product to better work with the natural oils of the leather.

5. Heels and grass do not mix

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Leather heels, $1809 by Charlotte Olympia on MyTheresa

If you’re lucky enough to attend a wedding somewhere with a luscious lawn, or end up  gracing one of Singapore’s many green parks wearing your best heels (it’s okay, we’ve been there) then your heels are in for a bit of a nightmare! Fear not, just wait for the mud to dry before brushing it off with a dry cloth. Note the emphasis on dry; wet mud and wet cloths to not a happy combo make. Repeat the cleaning steps in the tips above until your stems are good as new!

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