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Under the tenure of Nadege Vanhee-Cybulski, creative vision for this collection featured mainly a minimal canvas paired with tasteful luxury incorporated in the forms of texture such as leather and silk. Taking reference to male figures of history, the runway featured plenty of shorts worn with the lightest jacket in Barénia leather or in delicate plaited lambskin

That, is the vision that guided Hermès to designing a collection for spring that featured plenty of khaki and burnt orange. But what truly sculpted this collection was the commencement of an odyssey that reimagined conventional masculinity into modern day femininity. Where females used to wear fabric that accentuated their figures and males preferred to stick to straight cuts. Social conventions that depict men’s fashion have been seemingly fossilised, are now reinterpreted on this spring runway as leather mash with techno-spartan sandals and in a parka paired with a cashmere blanket coat of neon orange.

Photo: Hermès

If you get tired from your slouchy oversized parkas, switch it up with an auburn-coloured mac coat. The collection is also taking an ode to warriors of the past with chunky gladiator sandals. But in 2018, you can always go to brunch in leather minis and the Hermès IT bag of the season – a slouchy carrier meant to be hand held.

From perforated trousers to neon-orange lined bandeaus, watch the collection unravel in the video above.

Curated just for you, these are our favourite looks from the runway: