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From Oct 19-21, the Hermès Carré club is opening its doors to members of the public. Located at 3 Lady Hill road, Singapore is the only stop in Asia where the one-off touring exhibit is available.

For three days only, nine engaging installations will be set up for you to experience the creative process firsthand. Just think artist demonstrations, café gatherings, literary experiences and more, from 11am – 8pm daily.  

Named after the silk scarf, the touring exhibit has made pit stops around famed cities such as New York and Toronto. Having appeared as a sling on the broken arm of Grace Kelly and around the neck of Queen Elizabeth II, the Carré scarf holds great significance to Hermès. So much so that the modern production of a shawl takes approximately two years.  

Conceived by Bali Barret, artistic director of the Hermès women’s universe, the Hermès Carré Club houses even a skate ramp and disco that you can explore at your own pace. But to kickoff your journey, start by signing up at the Carré Click and Check to receive your membership. 

Fans of the Carré scarf would naturally venture into the Carré studio, an onsite atelier that showcases the development of the illustrations in real time. Over here, you can get your portrait drawn up at Keng Saw’s booth or watch Gianpaolo Pagni illustrate directly onto the silk scarves with old documents and custom stamps. Homegrown artist-embroiderer Izziyana Suhaimi will also be there to interact with you. 

Meanwhile, highlights such as the Carré-cut, a Carré themed salon, will be providing makeovers and manicures in designated Carré colours. Or visit the Carré cafe, where renowned Singaporean food stylist, CR Tan, has curated a spread of Southeast Asian cuisine.

If you’re keen, visit the Carré-Ok box, a station panelled in colourful Carré shades that accommodates up to four people. When you’re there, feel free to sing your heart out.

To round up your visit, stop by at the Carré mania, a gift shop where a selection of autumn-winter 2018 scarves or the Special edition Hermès Carré Club silk bandana will be on sale.



As parking facilities will not be available on site, guests are encouraged to take the shuttle service.

Shuttle  services are available to and from Hermès Carré Club  every 15 minutes from 11am to 8pm daily from Oct 19-21, 2018. Pick-ups are at Liat Towers taxi stand and Plaza Singapura taxi stand.

For drop offs only, head to 3 Lady Hill Road.

Admission is free but for priority access, register to join the club at singapore