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Hats for every face shape


Ever had this experience where you’re swiping through Instagram and you see a celeb looking amazing in a hat, but when you try it on for yourself, you don’t look anywhere as good?

That’s probably because you’ve been looking at hat designs and silhouettes that do not complement your face shape. When it comes to hats, not every piece is universal. Like searching for the right sunglasses for your face shape, some hats are more flattering to certain faces than others. Ultimately, it’s all about proportion. For example, if you have a small face, don’t overpower it with a wide brim.

Below are more tips on how to find a hat design that will shield you from the sun and make you look amazing. Hats off to that.


1) If you have a heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads that taper as they approach a pointed chin. You need to choose a style to balance out your forehead, so medium-brim styles such as fedoras, cloches and jockey caps are best.


2) If you have a round-shaped face

Like a circle, a round face shape is as long as it is wide, with full cheeks and a rounded chin. Because the face shape doesn’t have any angles, hats with crisp lines, have tall, decorative crowns that create length, or that boast asymmetrical lines and slants are most suitable.


3) If you have a square-shaped face

A square face has a wide forehead and broad cheekbones, with a strong, defined jawline. Unlike round faces, square faces are angular and would suit softer, more rounded silhouettes to offset the sharp edges. Beanies, bowlers, cloches and berets are the choices to make.


4) If you have an elongated face

You face is longer than it is wide, with almost straight lines going down the sides before ending with a rounded chin. To create facial balance, you want to create an illusion of a shorter face, so hats that have fitted crowns, have brims that cuts across the forehead or sport wide brims that turn downwards are for you.



5) If you have an oval-shaped face

Considered the perfect face shape with symmetrical features, oval faces have it all because any hat style would suit you – it just boils down to your own personal style and preference.



6) If you have a diamond-shaped face

Diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead and chin, while the cheekbones are wide and pronounced. Mid- to wide-brimmed hats with shallow crowns, and beanies and turbans that you wear farther back on the head, are for you.