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Of the many trends the fashion industry has set forth into the world, we can probably all agree that one of the best would have to be athleisure. Ever since Chanel sent honest-to-goodness sneakers down their haute couture runway, it was basically a green light for the rest of us mortals to rock gym wear outside of the gym.

Um, comfortable joggers and kicks instead of pencil skirts and heels? Sign us up.

This trend is thankfully here to stay, evident from outfits seen on the street style set and the highly covetable on-trend pieces designers have been creating. It’s not just the big names like Fendi or Chanel either; around the world, smaller, independent labels have been cropping up, selling to-die-for pieces we’d happily live in 24/7 if meetings with the big bosses weren’t a thing.

Luckily for us, some of these piece just about toe the line between gym wear and regular wear. Here’s how you can sneakily incorporate these uber-comfortable gym pieces into your everyday looks with anyone being none the wiser. 


Tip 1: Swap out bralettes or crop tops for sports bras

Gone are the days where sports bras were just these chunky boob-prisons that were best left hidden under your tops. These days, sports bras come in a huge range of styles and colours and if you happen to work in an office with less emphasis on dress code, can wear them on their own.

Just opt for one that ends lower on your midriff, and pair it with high waist pants or skirts to balance out the amount of skin you’re showing. If your office is particularly conservative, just throw a blazer over and remove before hitting the gym (or bar).


Tip 2: Wear leggings as pants

Admittedly, we were not fans when people starting swapping out their pants for thin leggings back in early aught, but times have changed and these days, some leggings are made of even better material than pants. 

To ensure your sport leggings are office-appropriate, pick a pair that is made of a thicker fabric (to prevent camel toe or VPL) and has some design element to it, be it a leather-look finish or moto detailing. The key to not looking as though you got lost en route to the gym is to juxtapose the rest of your pieces, so think combat boots or heeled sandals and tailored shirts. Don’t forget the accessories.   


Tip 3: Top it off

The simplest way to incorporate gym wear into your daily looks is to simply pick pieces that look and feel as though you could wear them outside the gym, although to tell the truth, with the whole athleisure trend, that line has been blurred. 

Think cropped tops designed for yoga, or sweaters for cooler weather workouts. Complete your look with a pair of well-tailored, non-sporty bottoms like wide legged pants or pencil skirts, and keep your make-up dewy and fresh.  


Tip 4: Take it easy with joggers


We don’t need to tell you that ever since joggers became a thing a few years ago, it’s basically impossible to go out without spotting someone rocking a pair. Originally designed for joggers (the lightweight material allows your legs to “breathe” compared to sweatpants), they’re one of the hottest trends in menswear, although that is debatable considering the awesome designs you see in the womenswear section.

To rock joggers at work, juxtapose with a pair of barely-there heeled sandals or sexy stilettos, and complete your look with tailored top like a shirt or blouse. If your office has a more conservative dress code, just stick to more neutral colours like black or grey.