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Wednesday, May 30, the Italian fashion house Gucci presented its Cruise 2019 collection in the Alyscamps Roman necropolis in Arles, in the South of France. From the setting to the guests to the designs, the label’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, once again pulled out all the stops with a collection channeling a thousand and one intertwined inspirations for an almost surreal effect.



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Colors, prints and accessories with influences as diverse as religion and rock’n’roll were joined by futuristic bags and eyewear, extra-large jewelry, and vintage, romantic and baroque-style designs in this eclectic Resort 2019 collection from Gucci, helmed by the Italian designer, Alessandro Michele.

That said, the location selected to preview this mid-season offering provided the overriding influence for the collection. “The inspiration is an ossuary, the crypts of the Cardinals, of the monks in the 15th century, and the precious decorations. This idea is that everything that is linked to the afterlife is accompanied by something of maximum beauty,” the fashion house explains on Instagram.



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Certain silhouettes were full of colors and prints, contrasting with darker, more subdued looks inspired by the location. Flowers bloomed on Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele’s designs, worn with extra-large jewellery creations. Gucci matched vintage silhouettes with futuristic accessories in the Resort 2019 collection, and baroque-inspired pieces were legion in this mid-season Gucci collection. Alessandro Michele’s imposing white gowns took on an almost unreal quality in this majestic setting.



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 Several handbag styles featured in the collection, from rock-inspired bags to practical creations with pockets for carrying the label’s slippers.