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While we’re all for eschewing any sort of rules when it comes to fashion, there are a few things we’d just like to get straight when it comes to power dressing, because we know that over the years, things may have gotten a little confusing!

Do flats command a room the same way heels do, and will you be taken seriously if you rock up to work in prints?

These 5 leading ladies show us how it’s done.


Wear all the prints

Photo: yoyokulala/Instagram

Prints are a great way to inject some fun and personality into your outfit, and any fashionista worth her salt will know that prints will always have a place at the meeting table. The general rule of thumb when rocking prints in a more formal office environment is to keep your print to just one piece of apparel, and going neutral with the other in a complementary colour (see above).

If you’re unsure if you can rock something louder like tiger stripes, opt for regular stripes instead (can’t go wrong there) and stick to neutral colour combinations like white, black or navy.


Soften masculine pieces with feminine touches

Photo: songofstyle/Instagram

Ok, we love our “borrowed from the boys” pieces like blazers, trousers and shirts, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like one wearing them (unless that’s your thing). Simply soften these typical “masculine” pieces with a feminine element.

For example, blazers look awesome over lacy camisoles, and shirts with elegant drop necklaces. Trousers with a pair of killer heels will elongate your limbs and you can never go wrong with a maxi dress and loafer combination.  


Put your best foot forward

Photo: willamazing/Instagram

There are no hard and fast rules whether when it comes to footwear except one: Whether you choose to rock 6-inch stilettos or furry mules, just ensure that your footwear of choice looks perfect. By that we mean no scuffs or water stains because trust us, nothing sticks out more like a sore thumb than a pair of patchy suede shoes or scratched leather loafers.


Classics are always worth the investment

Photo: notjessfashion​​​​​​​/Instagram

They are called investment pieces for a reason, because they’re meant to be timeless and last the distance. Whether it’s Chanel pearl earrings or a leather Hermes handbag, drop some cash on pieces that you know will go with most of your outfits and watch as they become the gift that keeps on giving.

Plus, adding a luxe piece to your look instantly elevates any outfit, so you can get away with even the most basic shirt and trousers combo and still look ready to take on the world. Just be sure to steer clear from the seasonal drops and choose colours like navy, black and brown.


Aim high, like really high


Photo: dreachong/Instagram

Ever noticed how a high waist skirt instantly adds “power woman” vibes to any outfit? Whether you’re pairing it with a silky blouse, or t-shirt and blazer combo, a high waist skirt has the added bonus of elongating your legs and cinching in your waist.

Play around with accessories like a waist belt if you’re looking to accentuate your curves even further, and stick to silhouettes that flatter your body type. As a general rule of thumb, hourglass shapes can rock more figure hugging pieces while ladies with heavier bottoms should look toward A-line cuts.