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When your lingerie is comfortable and enhances your curves without showing under your outfit, you feel like you can pretty much conquer the world. After all, according to lingerie giant Triumph, 95 percent of women wish that they could wear a bra that feels like it’s not there.

Which is exactly what inspired Triumph’s best-selling Body Makeup collection. Just like your favourite makeup foundation, the lingerie is lightweight, super comfy and most importantly, invisible, so you look natural and flawless. Innovative bonding technology and extra thin edges are behind the seamless finish while the brand’s patented Memory Cushion cups mould to your curves.

So it comes as little surprise that a woman is the driving force behind making Body Makeup a reality. In an exclusive email interview with the head of design of Triumph International, Uta Witting, we were able to pick her brain about the popular lingerie collection.

herworldPLUS: How did the idea for the Body Makeup collection come up?
Uta Witting: Makeup has always helped women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. With this in mind, our goal was to create a product that blends to the body with lightness and support so the wearer will feel radiant, just like wearing makeup.

Head of design of Triumph International, Uta Witting

HWP: The Body Makeup collection has been updated for 2014 – what’s new?
UW: The main difference is the new Body Make-Up collection is more seamless due to innovative bonding technology. Women can experience a 360 degree smooth fit with extra thin edges, for perfect fit and all-round invisibility.

HWP: Triumph releases many new collections in a year. How much research goes into developing a new range?
UW: Our consumers’ feedback is important as that’s how she tells us her wishes for her perfect lingerie wardrobe. Together with our material suppliers, we source and develop innovative materials to advance each new product line in comfort and support. Styling is also important as this focuses on the consumer’s feminine sensuality, her view of fashion trends and her expectation on how confidently sexy she feels in various shapes and cleavage solutions.

HWP: What’s the difference between Asian and European women?
UW: Asians are generally more petite whereas Europeans are curvier. In Asia alone, there are numerous skintones, thus we created five colours for the first Body Make-Up collection (released in 2013) so they could pick one closest to their skintone. Asian women also tend to favour lightweight and comfortable lingerie due to warmer climates. Seamless lingerie and push-up bras are a hot favourite with them as their choice of clothing is usually thinner and more revealing.

The Triumph Body Makeup collection is available in water blue, lemon yellow, pink pearl, rococo pink and black and retails at $27.90 for a brief and $89.90 for a bra at all Triumph boutiques and major department stores. For more information, go to Follow the brand on its Facebook page.