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Tired of looking similar to the person next to you? Don’t want to get into a who-wore-it-better contest? Then you might want to try getting a piece or two from these unique and unconventional brands that we’re proud to call our own.

Not only will it up your style cred, it’ll also show the world that you’re someone who has put in a whole lot of thought into your fashion. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to show some love to our local brands this National Day.


1. Ying The Label

“I chose Ying The Label because her designs are unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s akin to wearing a piece of art on your body because each piece reflects the designer’s passion for painting. Her latest collaboration with fellow local and luxury designer Thomas Wee, titled Ink, is a collection I’m really excited about.”– Hayley Zhang, Fashion Writer, ICON Singapore


2. State Property

“I have major love for State Property’s jewellery designs. Since day one, they’ve stuck by their guns and offered up beautifully-crafted, sculptural pieces, even when it wasn’t considered a trend. I’m guessing all that hard work is starting to pay off, because they are getting serious traction internationally with lots of major celebs wearing their designs.” — Aaron Kok, Senior Fashion Stylist/Writer, The Singapore Women’s Weekly


3. Rye

“I don’t actually own any of their pieces, but I’ve been seeing great things come out of local label Rye. The brand DNA reminds me a bit of Scandinavian label COS and every single piece looks like it would be a great wardrobe staple. I love that the designs are also minimal enough for you to wear daily, but with just the right amount of design detail to not make you feel like you’re wearing super basic.” — Cheryl Chan, Fashion Editor, CLEO


4. Biro


FCLASSIC collection . Drop 1 | Nishijinori Tee . Plain and cotton-based, the seemingly nondescript F. Classic shirt would be in fact a hidden gem of wardrobe staples. The garment is made of Tsuri Ami 吊り編み — a rare fabric borne out of a long-drawn process involving 1000 hand-set needles by skilled workers in Wakayama, Japan. It is this slow process and subtle element of human touch that makes the F. Classic t-shirt so supple, intuitive and responsive like hand-made apparel. . Available in black and white. . . . #birocompany #biro #loopwheel #madeinjapan #craftsmanship #textile #modern #vintage #creative #design #fundamental #future #forever #menswear #womenswear #吊り編み #tシャツ #日本製 #こだわり生地

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“Biro would be my pick. I detest overly trendy pieces, ergo the earthy, workwear-ish designs by Kenghow and Kage really suit me. Their emphasis on quality craftsmanship (everything is made in Japan) only increases the appeal.”— Keng Yang Shuen, Fashion Writer, Female


5. Senkoubou

“We can’t deny that sustainability is a buzz word in the fashion industry today. If you want to get in on the trend, this small scale local label that specialises in intricate leather works is a good way to start, because it prides itself on its eco-friendly practices. To minimise waste, the founder and designer, Chin Shiying, only creates the item when the order is confirmed. The best part? You can make custom orders with her for one-of-a-kind pieces.” — Sean Tham, Fashion Writer, Her World