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Even the most stylish women out there need to refresh their wardrobe every once in a while. Even if you’re not constantly shopping and scouring new favourite brands via your Instagram feed, personal style is all about evolution. Here are some subtle styling lessons we love to study and implement from the world’s most stylish sartorial A-listers. You’re welcome! And here’s hoping we’ve introduced you to a new style crush or two by the end of this scroll: 



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#1 Wear colour

No one does colour quite like Caroline Issa. The Chinese-Lebanese-Iranian beauty (yes, her mama is a proud SG girl) and all-round intelligent powerhouse Ms. Issa is style plus substance combined. She gives any colour-shy woman hope as she showcases just how incredible and effortless wearing it can be. Find the colour that makes your skin glow and your eyes bright and wear it with pride! 


#2 Go monochrome without black or white in sight


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Solange’s Insta-game is so strong it hurts. She shows how to do nude and white for a monochromatic effect with a twist. Wear it with confidence and a smile for an outfit on fire. And follow her while you’re at it, because your eyes and heart will be thanking you for the visual feast. See here to find the perfect nude for your skin tone. 


#3 Embrace sneakers

Even our most stiletto-loving style crushes have converted to the sneaker tribe (with heels still worn every other day of course). The comfort and cool factor of sneaks is undeniable (yep, I’m one of the converted) so sport them with your favourite dress for undeniable street cred. 


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#4 Metallic mood boosters 


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I’m a magpie and trust me, there’s nothing quite like a shiny shoe or glint of a shimmery skirt to instantly boost your mood. Ashley Madekwe is a walking advert for Gucci’s insanely gorgeous metallic mules if there ever was one! Love, want, need…


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#5 Wear red


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Proven to make you feel more confident, on your game and put-together, a flash of red by way of a leather bag or lipstick will have you feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed in no time. The same goes for classic crimson nails. 



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#6 Match your nails to your bag

Matching your shoes to your bag is so passé. If you want to be matchy matchy, colour swatch your bag to your nails. Clutching it to your side with perfectly manicured tips looks so fresh right now. 


#7 Play with proportion


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We all know wearing shorts to the office isn’t taboo in this day and age. It’s all about playing with proportions. Solange gives us a masterclass in elevating shorts to a boardroom-worthy state. It’s all in the cut and material used that makes shorts look classy rather than cheap. Ironing is essential too, as creases make even a thousand dollar dress look drab. 


#8 Know your erogenous zones


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Every few seasons, the female erogenous zone of the moment subtly shifts. For a while it was the midriff, then the back and now the ankles and shoulders. Grab yourself an off-shoulder top or dress to make you look and feel sexy already! Shop here if you need one. And when it comes to ankle baring, go for cropped flares or perfectly cut ⅞ pants, as these are classics that never go out of style. 

Looking for more easy-peasy outfit solutions to get down pat? Here you go!