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easy monday outfits


Monday mornings just aren’t built for outfit excellence. After spending the whole of Sunday brunching, lazing around the house and bingeing on Netflix (or food), it’s hard to find the motivation to pull on anything more interesting than a pair of sweatpants. 

Unfortunately, work beckons. As if having to get up at the crack of dawn isn’t bad enough, we also have to get dressed and look like functional members of society. I know most of these mornings don’t go down well: It always ends up with us frantically pulling stuff out of our wardrobes because we feel like we’ve got nothing to wear.

As it is, Monday is already a highly stressful day. You shouldn’t have to sweat your outfit too! 

The key to starting the week off on a good sartorial note is to have a series of failsafe wardrobe staples to fall back on. So with that in mind, I’ve worked out 5 fuss-free outfits that still look stylish and professional


1. A sharp suit

A blazer is quite a no-brainer option to look professional in a jiffy. Match its boxy, structured silhouette with a sleek cigarette pants and you have the perfect boardroom outfit done in a pinch. Plus, a well-tailored blazer and trousers are actually very versatile pieces that you can mix and match with other outfit combinations, such as layering over a simple t-shirt for that smart yet casual finish.


2. A jumpsuit


This one-piece slip-on outfit is a complete ensemble in one. Just slip on the jumpsuit and you’re ready to go from the meeting room to the after-hour party.


3. An oversized jumper

Not only would an oversized jumper be great for hiding any sins from our weekend feasting and partying, the cosy snugness of the jumper also feels like a warm embrace in the cold air-conditioned work space. Plus, jumpers can be worn over any t-shirt you grabbed in the dark, layered over a simple slip dress or matched with bottoms.


4. A co-ord set

Similar to the jumpsuit, a co-ord set helps you create a polished, cohesive look in a snap. We suggest opting for simpler prints and colours like the one above so that it will be easier to match with other separates in your wardrobe to create different ensembles. 


5. A maxi dress

Last but not least, a dress is another no-brainer option. But we chose a maxi dress because the length not only helps to keep warm in the office, a longer hemline can also help conceal less-than-ideal footwear choices for mornings with especially tight time crunch. 


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