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After speaking to R S Danny for our story on dressing for plus-sized figures, we also consulted Ms Christina Liang, Founder & Principal Coach/Publicist of Communications 3sixty and styling coach who conducts fashion workshops for various brands – with the most recent one being Marina Rinaldi’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection launch.

Here are a few lessons in plus-sized style.


1. What’s the biggest mistake plus-sized women make?

Wearing baggy and ill-fitting clothes – they’re unflattering and emphasize flaws. Opt for softer colours and avoid thick fabricl like velvet, which just adds bulk to one’s frame. Ruffles and fringes are also out.

1. What is the secret to a more streamlined shape?
Quality undergarments that tuck in the areas you don’t wish to see when you put on your little black number. It makes a world of difference and gives a boost of confidence!

2. Can plus-sized women do sexy?
First, confidence is sexiness. Second, to help bring that confidence out to rock a body-hugging number, the same principle applies: quality undergarments that act like a garter and stick to dresses with straight, clean lines. Always try a bigger size to compare how you look and how comfortable you are when moving around.

3. What’s a timeless work look for them?
A high-waisted A-line skirt and well-cut jacket (left) are essentials. Also, crisp white blouses – white stands out and projects a younger image. Horizontal stripes should be avoided no matter how cute it looks, what with the nautical trend still going strong. But if you really want to, go for boat neck tops – it’s all about balancing the top and the bottom.

4. What shoes, bags and accessories should plus-sized women have?
Heels instantly glam up a woman, but we’re not talking killer heels here. The purpose is to appear more elongated. Wear heels that are no higher than 3 inches. Accesorise lightly – you can never go wrong with diamond earrings. For the shorter ladies, try wearing bold, statement pieces on the neck, and for the taller ladies, try on the less chunky pieces. And most importantly, ettiquette, basic deportment and being gracious are accessories you cannot forget.

5. What are must-haves for plus-sized women this season?
A toga-inspired dress in soft satin material (see right). Always, always invest in classic pieces, like a white blouse and slim cut pants. Colours such as green, black, navy blue and burgundy are also great.