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Fendi is the latest luxury label to launch an online customisation offer for its shoppers; teaming up with multi-label e-commerce Farfetch to provide made-to-order handbag designs.



This personalisation service is a first for the Maison, and now, customers of Fendi can finally have their signature stamped across their own I F bag and Strap You by customising the colourway, logo style and hardware variants.



Available now, the ‘Customize It’ service sees 120 different variations for the bag, and a further 70 for the strap.



This move comes at a time when customization is a hot focus for luxury brands, with brands like Coach, Louis Vuitton and Gucci already offering up its own renditions of D-I-Y services. But Fendi’s customisation pillar goes beyond simple monogramming or embroidery services by allowing customisation with the actual bones of the product itself. What’s more, Farfetch’s platform and global outreach only makes our lives easier with its accessibility.



Once you place an order for your own unique design online, the actual production of the Fendi bags go back to the more traditional version of luxury; leather goods artisans in the Maison’s atelier in Florence will meticulously assemble every part and handcraft each detail by hand.

You then have to wait 12 weeks for delivery of your custom-designed bag — sure, an interminable wait, but worth it to us for an entirely unique creation.


Fendi ‘Customise It’, available now on and