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A red sole is an iconic feature of the Louboutin shoe and a must-own for any label-lover. Aside from the social media posts to show off your stylish qualities in a flash of red, the Louboutin sole denotes quality and design. You have purchased a very special pair of shoes, so we will not begrudge you a slightly self-loving smug #slay IG image. Slay away my friends, slay away. 

But beyond a red sole, any savvy stylish girl will also know that her shoe rack needs more than just red – she needs nude too. Nude heels to be exact.



Show some spirit! Christian Louboutin’s twist on the classic nude shoe gives everyone something to cheer for.

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Nude heels are the secret to instant elongation of the leg, particularly paired with black. I always opt for a platform nude heel on my dates, teamed with a ‘I look like girlfriend material but I may be a bit naughty on the sly too’ LBD. I’m telling you, this combo works every time. Why? Because my legs look like I belong to an Amazonian tribe, with all thanks to my pair of nudes.

But why are they so brilliant? Well, it all lies in the fact that they blend into your natural skin tone, thus offering that leg-elongation illusion. Simple trick of the eyes and we’re all for it!

Not only that, you’d be hard pushed to find an outfit they DON’T go with.  Nude dress? Matchy-matchy. Red skirt? Oh you’ve nailed it. Denim shorts? You’ve just made your pins look 100x longer.  Nude shoes, espeically heeled shoes, are a staple and if you don’t own a pair yet, then you need to get on this pronto.

Louboutin (obviously) already has it’s own sky-high nudes ranges but they’ve just expanded with two new extra collections and we can’t cope.

Say hello to the Cherrysandal and the Christeriva!


“Platform Cherrysandal takes Nudes to new heights, equipped with a PVC back and floating ankle strap that add a layer of illusion on bare skin.”



“Christeriva comes complete with a grosgrain double bow affixed atop a peep-toe sandal on an ultra-soft nappa leather base”



As you can see, not only are the press images superbly crafted and visually epic, they showcase just how the whole range caters for all of us. 

Boasting of the iconic red sole that does not destroy or detract away from the whole ‘nude shoe’ concept, these heels are crafted to show off our pins at their utmost best.

We’re first in the queue to get our hands on a pair, and we’re sure you’ll be right behind us.