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Chopard has always been a passionate supporter of the film industry. From being the official partner for Cannes International Film Festival to the launch of the Chopard Trophy to seek out new talent, Chopard has been a jewellery brand synonymous with the world of cinema.

Chopard Jeweller to Diana the Movie DECOR Naomi Watts as DianaNaomi Watts as Princess Diana (above) wearing the Chopard jewellery pieces designed especially for the film. IMAGE: Chopard

Naturally, Chopard has been called upon once again, this time to furnish the jewellery for Naomi Watts acting as Princess Diana in the namesake film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel.

“When I received the offer to work on the film Diana I was thrilled because, to me, she was a person blessed with extraordinary charisma and great elegance, both in her personality and her style. After having worked on the film Nine in 2009, this new partnership was exciting, even more so because Naomi Watts is a fantastic actress,” said Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director.

Caroline Scheufele had dedicated great efforts to cater to the strict demands of Julian Day, the Costume Designer for the film Diana. For Julian Day, it had also been an immense task to craft out the perfect image of the Princess of Wales, using an ensemble of Chopard watches, jewellery, and bags to befit Princess Diana’s magnificence and glamour.

Chopard Jeweller to Diana the Movie DECOR Diamond necklaceChopard Jeweller to Diana the Movie DECOR Sapphire and diamond earrings
The stunning white gold plastron with three rows of 92 diamonds (above top) and pair of oval sapphire earrings created by Chopard for the Diana movie. IMAGES: Chopard

Princess Diana had a pronounced love for earrings that complemented her elegant haircut, to the extent that she was often seen with the sole adornment of earrings.

To highlight her emphasis on beautiful earrings, Chopard presented a pair of oval sapphire earrings set with diamonds that matched her famous engagement ring. Another featured piece is an elaborate white gold plastron with three rows of 92 diamonds that accentuated the fair complexion of the Princess’ neck.

Years after her tragic demise, this special collaboration between Chopard and the crew for the movie Diana is a symbolic demonstration of love for the enchanting beauty of Princess Diana.

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