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Did you know that Gabrielle Chanel pioneered the Cruise collection in 1919?

Gabrielle was going on a holiday to the beach towns in the south of France, and found herself needing suitable dresses and sweaters for the trip. This then expanded to a collection to cater to fellow revellers who needed clothing when they travelled to leave the cold, harsh winters and enjoy holidays in warmer climates. 

Now, it’s a huge part of the fashion yearly cycle and a household collection that many designers showcase year in, year out.

Fast forward almost a hundred years, Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld is still going strong in creating unique designs for this travel-focused apparel and accessories range. 



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Clothing aside, we particularly love the bags in their Cruise 2019 collection. Think of classic silhouettes of the iconic Chanel Boy bag, minaudieres and drawstring bags, all adding the brand’s French touch. 

Bright blues and reds are reminiscent of the French flag and add fun pops of colour. Of course, the classic black and white iconic of Chanel’s monochromatic label cannot be missed. Plus, the nautical theme takes a tongue-in-cheek inspiration from buoys and ropes commonly seen by the swimming pools and yacht decks. 

Take a look at our video where we curated eight designs we love.  

The Chanel Cruise 2019 collection will be available in stores from mid November.