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I am at a loss for words to describe Chanel’s Golden Lion jewellery collection that is arriving in Singapore in April, 2015. Seriously, every single piece is pure opulence, sparkling with dazzling diamonds, carved from solid platinum and studded with white gold. I am completely enamored …

The ‘Sous Le Signe Du Lion’ collection will be hosted in the Chanel Fine Jewellery boutique complete with special boutique decorations. This is the first time that an entire Chanel high jewellery collection, dedicated to the iconic Lion, will be open to public viewing on our sunny shores.


Many of us are familiar with the double Cs, quilted leather and tweed jackets, but did you know that the lion occupies a very special place in Gabrielle Chanel’s imaginary world?

Lion Venitien bracelet.jpg

‘Lion Vénitien’ bracelet in 18-karat white gold set with 681 brilliant-cut diamonds for a
total weight of 10 carats and 9 pear-cut diamonds for a total weight of 2 carats.

“Sous Le Signe Du Lion”, roughly translates to “Under the Star Sign of Leo”, and refers to Gabrielle Chanel’s most beloved motif ‒ the lion.

Her love for the lion originates from her star sign, Leo. When she travelled to Venice in August 1920 to heal her broken heart after the death of her lover, Boy Capel, this adoration grew deeper. She was extremely taken in by the majestic animal that was plastered all over Venice’s architecture and monuments.


Made up of 58 pieces in 11 themes, the king of cats makes a grand entrance with an almighty roar. There’s nothing small or half-hearted about these jewels.

Lion Talisman braceletstorymain.jpg

‘Lion Talisman’ bracelet in 18-karat white gold set with 650 brilliant-cut diamonds for a
total weight of 8.4 carats, 55 rose-cut diamonds for a total weight of 3.8 carats and 27
brilliant-cut black spinels.

The collection showcases the lion in spectacular jewels like white gold, diamonds, sapphires, rutilated quartz and cultured pearls. These pieces are what my dreams are made of!

My favourite piece of the lot is this particular ring under the “Lion Rugissant” theme. It features a diamond encrusted lion, ready to pounce.

The ‘Lion Rugissant’ ring is interpreted in 18-karat white gold set with 764 brilliant-cut diamonds for a total weight of 5.3 carats and carved onyx.

But the real showstopper piece of the collection is the “Lion Royal” necklace from The “Lion Royal” set. The set was the first creation produced by Chanel’s High Jewellery workshop, located at 18th Place Vendôme.

This insane star creation is literally dripping with diamonds. It boasts a grand total of – wait for it ‒ 91.1 carats! You can wear this transformable necklace either long or short, or detach the central lion’s head and wear it as a brooch.

Lion Royal storymain.jpg

The “Lion Royal” necklace in platinum and 18-karat white gold set with 1312 fancy-cut
diamonds for a total weight of 56 carats, 11 pear-cut diamonds for a total weight of 17.7 carats, 21 brilliant-cut diamonds for a total weight of 8.7 carats and 6 marquise-cut diamonds for a total weight of 6.4 carats.

My heart is bleeding. To my future husband: I know I asked for a mansion. I take it back. Forget about the house. Please buy me these. I’ll just live under a bridge, cradling these babies in my arms.

The collection will be available for viewing in Singapore from April to June 2015.