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I must admit. When I first heard news of Balenciaga’s latest Crocs stilettos, I went, “Really? Again?” The brand made the Internet go crazy when they first released platform Crocs during the Spring 2018 runway, so it felt like it was a publicity stunt that was going to be overplayed.



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Of course, this move is very on brand with Balenciaga. They had created bags inspired by Ikea shopping bags and Asian market bags so honestly, their partnership with Crocs is not all that surprising. Balenciaga’s designer Demna Gavasalia had once said that the use of the foam material and Crocs’ innovation “is very Balenciaga.”



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But when I looked at the pictures that they had teased on Instagram, I was pretty intrigued. With the signature foam material and laser cutouts (and a nice, generous sprinkling of cutesy pins and embellishments), this hot pink stilettos definitely screams Crocs. Yet with the fashion world’s disdain for the comfortable rubber sandals, Balenciaga’s stilettos might actually score a stylish victory after all.



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Unlike the platforms Balenciaga released earlier, I mean it just looked unwearable and you might fall from the high heavens wearing them, these stilettos actually look wearable and (dare I say it?) chic.



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If you didn’t know that Balenciaga was inspired by Crocs, the shoes actually look like a gorgeous pair of hot pink stiletto pumps (Barbie fantasy anyone?). Pair them with your summer outfits or as a statement shoe to finish an ensemble, these shoes would actually fit in well with the wardrobe.

The Internet and fashion community were once again polarised by these Balenciaga-Crocs creations. On their Instagram, some lauded them for its bold intentions and subversion to normative ideals of fashion and beauty while others scowled at the luxury brand’s latest creation.

Twitter users were also split in their response.


So what do you think, are these Balenciaga Crocs stilettos a fashion yay or a oh-hell-no for you?

What do you think about these Balenciaga and Crocs stiletto pumps?

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