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Alexander McQueen launches menswear serviceAlexander McQueen is to launch a made-to-measure menswear service. The label is headed up by Sarah Burton and will introduce a couture range for its male customers.

Offering a single-breasted dinner jacket, a black-and-white Prince of Wales check double-breasted trouser suit and a black cashmere double-breasted overcoat, the range will be available from June at the company’s Bond Street store.

“We already offer couture for women, and wanted to add it for men,” Sarah told WWD. “And our clients were asking for it. With this service we want to give them beautiful, handcrafted clothes, and emphasise artisanal work.”

The label has teamed up with Savile Row tailor Huntsman to create the bespoke designs, with prices will start at £4,500 to £5,000. The new service addition shows how well Sarah is adapting to life at the helm of the iconic McQueen brand.

The designer recently discussed how pleased she is to have taken over the reins of the company following the death of designer Lee ‘Alexander’ McQueen in 2010.

“He was so inspiring and funny and an incredible man that I was afraid of taking the job. But now I look back on it and I’m very glad that I did because it’s kept the studio alive in his spirit and it’s kept the team together. What would he have worked so hard for all those years if it was just going to disappear?” she said. © COVER MEDIA