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Looking like a million bucks without actually spending it — isn’t that every woman’s dream? While we all keep a lookout for designer sales with hawk-eyed keenness, it isn’t always possible to find something you fancy at these sales. 

But guess what? You don’t need a closet full of designer duds to come across as polished and put together. Some of the greatest outfits—snapped on the streets or on that style savvy fashionistas are a mix of high-end and mass market pieces. What sets these outfit apart from the rest is the way they accessorise. It’s all in the details!

Here are 6 different types of accessories that can help you achieve an upscale look in a second without having to break the bank. 

Suede obi belt, $39.68 from ASOS

1. Belt with details
Belts are an excellent way to spice up an outfit, especially patterned belts. It helps to add a focal point to your entire look and can rein in the volume of a shapeless blouse or dress, making you look smarter and more polished. 

Metal gold spike earrings, $19.90 from Topshop

2. Gold dangling earrings 
There is just something about ornate gilded dangly earrings that provides an extra wow factor, making your outfit instinctively more expensive looking.

Polyester scarf, $25.90 from Mango 

3. A scarf 
Lightweight and easy to wear, scarves can take you from ordinary to striking in a heartbeat. They provide a new dimension to your regular outfits, especially if you pick a colourful one. 

Madewell gold plated wishbone necklace, $45 from Shopbop 

4. A delicate necklace 
You need at least one beautiful delicate necklace that you can wear every day. This piece should look equally as chic with a basic white t-shirt as with a dressy cocktail dress. A delicate necklace adds a subtle sparkle, which is just the right amount of bling you’d need at any one time. 

Acrylic brooch, $17.64 from ASOS

5. A brooch 
The main point of wearing accessories is to add additional interest to an outfit and a brooch does exactly that. They also add some personality to an otherwise plain outfit, so it works really well on a plain basic work blazer. 

Metal floral headband, $39.90 from Zara

6. A headband 
Headbands were always under the radar until Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl hit the scene. Take a leaf out of her style book and incorporate one of these into your outfit to look just as poised as she does.