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Don’t give up! There’s a perfect pair of jeans waiting for you! © Mango Productions/Corbis

Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans? Even the most girlie girl who’s most loyal to her dresses is sure to own a pair. Although I have to admit, shopping for jeans can be stressful and downright demoralising. I’ve lost count of the number of times I failed to pull a pair up my full thighs and hips and raged war against the ever popular skinny jeans.

But before anyone loses faith, designers have heard our grumbles and have re-introduced classic cuts like the bootleg and along with new styles – I personally love a good pair of boyfriend jeans. So keep your head up girls, there is a perfect pair of jeans for you. To prove the point, I’ve cherry picked eight great options from the lot for every different body type.

Sculpt and Lift bootleg cut jeans from Marks & Spencer, from $109.90 to $119.90; Revel Demi Curve straight cut jeans in Dusk from Levi’s, $169.90

Fellow pear-shaped girls, I hate to burst your bubble but even if you manage to squeeze into skinny jeans, they won’t do anything for your figure. Why not balance out and streamline your hips with a bootleg cut like the Marks & Spencer pair that flare out from under the knees? Another problem I’ve encountered is a gap at the waist when I wear jeans because of my smaller waist compared to my hips. These Levi’s Revel Demi Curve straight cut jeans are fitted in such a way to eliminate that gap and still emphasise your slender waist.

Curvy cut jeans from Gap, $80; Boyfriend jeans in Blue Tempo from Levi’s, $139.90

On the other hand if you are lacking curves, the task at hand for your jeans is to create some. The sexy Gap curvy cut jeans will add meat to where it matters – this pair has a serious ’70s Charlie Angels vibe that I’m in love with. Another alternative is a good pair of boyfriend jeans like these from Levi’s that suggest the existence of imaginary curves. Both jeans have a whiskered effect to give the illusion of width.

High rise skinnies in Acid Summit from Levi’s, $139.90; Real Straight cut jeans from Gap, $100

For ladies who are wider in the tummy but have sleek pins waiting to be shown off, always go for a high rise – one that starts mid-waist. The high rise will actually conceal less-than-slender stomachs. An example is the high waisted pair from Levi’s with tapered legs to play up your slim legs. If you are conscious of your legs too, you can always opt for a straight cut pair – try the Gap ones – the style balances out your heavier top half perfectly.

Revel Slight Curve Skinnies in Mountain Lake, $169.90; Legging jeans from Gap, $80

The ones who can pull off skinny jeans are the petite girls but that doesn’t mean every pair is perfect for them. The white wash details of both the Levi’s Revel Slight Curve Skinnies and Gap legging jeans will accentuate curves without adding bulk.

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