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With these 7 bras, your wardrobe is all set! © Joris Haas/Corbis 

Are you guilty of wearing 10-year-old bras or even your old training bras? It’s OK, you are not alone. My lingerie drawer is overdue for a spring clean. Sometimes what’s hidden may be forgotten but you are not doing yourself any favours by wearing just any bra under your fabulous outfits.

A good bra has the ability to make a good look great and boost body confidence. All you need are these seven essential bras and you are good to go. Check to see whether you are missing any of these must-haves.

Cool T T-shirt bra from Triumph, $89.90. For a list of Triumph locations, go to

This bra is one you will wear almost daily. A good T-shirt bra is invisible under just about any snug top, thanks to flat edges and a soft lining. I think all Singaporean girls will appreciate the Triumph Cool T bra that creates a totally smooth silhouette and is made with a cool, airy fabric for ventilation and “breathability” – perfect for keeping cool on hot days.

Brigette Convertible Strapless Bra by Zinke Intimates from Perk by Kate, $109

You need a multitasking bra for days when you pull out your strapless, toga or even racerback pieces. Trust me, there’s nothing less attractive than straps peeking out – and this includes plastic “transparent” ones which actually look almost worse than coloured straps. A convertible bra with removable straps that go all ways will rise to the occasion. I picked this pretty Brigette convertible strapless bra by Zinke Intimates that’s comfortable both with and without straps.

Body Makeup bra from Triumph, $89.90. For a list of Triumph locations, go to

While most of us know not to wear a black bra under a white shirt (unless you’re channelling a is the same colour as your top it will show up, especially in photos when a strong flash is used – #nowhitebra. Skin coloured or nude bras will, however, save the day. Just as its name implies, the Body Makeup bra from Triumph blends with your skin tone for a “wearing nothing” visual effect.

Deep Plunge bra from Marks & Spencer, $69.90. For a list of Marks & Spencer locations, go to

Girls who love a plunging neckline definitely need this in their lives. A normal bra won’t work with sexy V-neck tops and if you are uncomfortable with going bra-less, a deep V or U bra, like this Marks and Spencer Deep V Plunge bra is your best bet. Plus, the smooth cups also don’t show under flimsy material.

Aqua Maximizer bra from Triumph, $89.90. For a list of Triumph locations, go to

Let’s face it, no matter how well-endowed you are, there are times when every girl needs a bit of extra oomph. Be it a low-cut top or a body-hugging dress, you will want to create a fuller bosom than your natural one. Triumph’s Aqua Maximizer will transform your bust size by two cup sizes, for instance from an A to a C instantly. The lightweight Aqua cushions don’t only provide the extra padding but also give you a natural bounce with each step you take.

Pro Rival bra from Nike, $89. For a list of Nike locations, go to

Even if regular workouts aren’t your thing, that’s no excuse to wear a normal bra on the rare occasions you actually step into the gym. Besides providing support, a sports bra minimises discomfort and movement of your girls whether you are running or jumping. Nike has just rolled out the new Pro Rival bra that comes in actual bra sizes – from 30B to 38E instead of S, M, L. The part-encapsulation style ensures shaping and support for more well-endowed women. Plus the Dri-fit material wicks sweat away quickly.

Shape Sensation Long Corsage from Triumph, from $199. For a list of Triumph locations, go to

OK, so shapewear isn’t a bra per se but a corset will always be useful if you have to constantly suck in your stomach in a fitted waist skirt or dress. The Sensual Lace Shape Sensation Corsage from Triumph is made from two-way stretch Lycra lace that shapes and supports. Unlike old-school restrictive corsets, it’s soft and comfy enough for all-day wear.