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Photo: G2000


Ever since the great global disruption in so many areas of life, workwear – like most things – hasn’t been the same. While certain professions still require some formality, a lot of them don’t. That’s why G2000, with its recent reboot, is doing anything but traditional office wear: multipurpose looks that are as good for business as for weekends and evenings out.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should shop at the Hong Kong workwear brand:


Photo: G2000


1. Get more for less – some of their designs do up to quintuple duty

Like this cape-like shell (pictured above) that looks deceptively simple, but can be worn five ways:

  1. as it is here;
  2. “sleeves” untied and hanging in front of arms for a top that drapes;
  3. “sleeves” untied and hanging behind arms;
  4. “sleeves “ left at the back;
  5. or one “sleeve” over one shoulder for a shawl-like effect.


Photo: G2000


2. The use of tech in their designs = clothes that feel as good as they look

In the outfit above, the vest is made of G2000’s Coolplus performance fabric, which is designed to absorb and diffuse sweat to release body heat. The pants are made of Coolmax, a breathable polyester blend that wicks away moisture quickly to keep you cool and dry.


Photo: G2000


3. Their lazy-day dresses are also cool-girl approved

Dresses designed for the office usually fall on either ends of the spectrum – overly prim and girly, or casual and sloppy. G2000’s options this season land right in the middle, and work well with both sneakers and heels. Bonus: the dress above is made of comfy Coolmax fabric too.


Photo: G2000


4. They have on-trend separates for easy mixing and matching

A wrap blouse goes as well with a lacy skirt as with jeans or formal black slacks. But we recommend white-on-white for an easy and foolproof combination that says you have places to be and things to do.


Photo: G2000


5. It’s still the same reliable destination for formal workwear

Need something more formal? G2000 has those same jackets and pants that probably brought most of us to the brand the first time, just made sharper and more comfortable. Tip: Browse the mens department too – their jackets are nicely oversized (for us) and great for casually hanging over shoulders for practical purposes (bigger jackets = more warmth) or for a menswear-inspired look.


A version of this story first appeared in the May 2018 issue of Her World.