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When the weather is changeable, too hot for a jacket during the day but too cool for just a shirt in the evening, there are two fashion keywords that will help you create stylish K-Fashion look and keep you warm at the same time: Denim and patterns. K-Pop fashionistas like like HyunA and Heo Gayoon of 4minute, Victoria of f(x), Bora and Soyu from Sistar have all been spotted wearing these two trends; here are some tips on how you can get their look.


2 spring summer trends that K-Pop stars love DENIM

Denim truly shines during the change of seasons (or when you’re travelling if you’re based in sultry Singapore). It can be worn with various fashion items as it suits both hot and cold weather. HyunA and Heo Gayoon of 4minute are known for their denim style. Heo Ga Yoon matched a pair of leather pants with a denim blouse, creating a feminine look. On the other hand, HyunA matched her denim shorts with a plaid shirt, reflecting another major of the trend of the season. Victoria of f(x) also wore an early summer look with a graduated denim shirt. She made her look more stylish with a white t-shirt and a pair of cropped pants.


2 spring summer trends that K-Pop stars love PATTERNS

By using patterns effectively, you can easily become fashionable. Use patterns to highlight simple, basic items. In this way, you will be able to successfully create a mix-match look. Bora and Soyu from Sistar made a stylish appearance with their “airport fashion” by wearing various patterns. Soyu wore a flower patterned jacket with a skirt that has the same pattern, creating stylish yet active look. On the other hand, Bora matched a pair of white pants with a uniquely patterned shirt. Korean actresses are just as stylish; on the day of a Bruno Mars’ concert, actress Choi Gang Hee matched a flower printed dress with a blouson jumper. Choi also emphasized the casual mood with a pair of sneakers.


2 spring summer trends that K-Pop stars love LOOKS

Most people have at least one denim item in their closet. For days of changeable weather, try a basic tee with a denim jacket or wear jeans with a coloured tee and cardigan. For more advanced style, mix your denim with your patterns. Check out Korean brand Le Shop’s recently released heart print dress. As can be seen in the photo above, you can easily create a stylish look by matching a printed dress with a denim jacket.

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