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#1 Roll up your sleeves/jeans/whatever you can


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Roll, roll and roll again. That extra few inches of ankle makes all the difference between drab and fab. There’s something about the insouciant flesh flash that perfects playing with proportions, a must especially when rocking flats. If you’re organised enough, get a tailor to hem your pants to the perfect length. We love that Uniqlo’s in-store tailoring service does this for free for pants over $29.90! 

#2 Add a contrasting shoe

Popping colours are especially fresh when they come to your footwear. Here Miss. Issa shows us how flats can be anything but boring, even if they’re in a classic loafer style. We love the matchy-matchy thing going on with the pink pants and colourful spots of her Fendi bag. 


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Caroline Issa in Altuzurra


#3 Red lips are always a good idea

Red lipstick is the evergreen, seasonless accessory in your wardrobe. Find the right red for day and night, and you’ll look instantly more bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and confident. See our guide here for the best red for your skin tone. 


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#4 When in doubt, add sunnies

Lack of sleep, not wearing makeup and not in the mood for “you look tired” comments; or just stepped off a 14-hour flight? Just add sunnies. They can hide a multitude of beauty issues and make you look pretty cool whilst doing so. Rebecca Lim shows us how to look fresh to go and here’s a handy guide on how to pick the right style for your face shape.


#5 Find your silhouette and own it

Velda Tan knows what works for her pear-shaped figure and she totally owns it. Tip: Peplum shapes that accentuate your waist work beautifully on most figures. We love her label’s twist on the classic silhouette with an asymmetric slant: Perfect for work and play! Find your silhouette using our handy guide here. 


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#6 Metallic details instantly add polish

Zips, belt and bag buckles, earrings, buttons and even chromic sunglasses. All the little metallic touches freshen up every look!


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#7 Wide leg pants + sneakers is the new cool

Take it from us, this is the trend all stylish women will be rocking soon. Nope, not flatforms: Down-to-earth sneaks paired with oversized wide-leg pants is the way to go. This when you really need take tip #1’s hemming to heart. 


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We’re obsessed with Caroline Issa’s take on the look, minus the fabulous Nina Ricci coat of course, which isn’t quite suitable for Singapore’s hot & humid weather!

#8 Add a bandana to your bag 

Bored of your everyday bag? We feel you. Sometimes even the most classic of silhouettes need a little makeover. A scarf is a great way to constantly change up and customise your beloved handbag. We love Savina’s take on it with this black-and-white number, proving how versatile classic monochrome can be. 


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#9 A little fringe goes a long way

Pan-Asian Jessica Gomes shows us that a little fringing really makes all the difference. This gorgeous top from David Jones, an Aussie brand, could go from office-appropriate to a luxe evening piece with a flash of dark lipstick and some bauble-like earrings.


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#10 Mid-length skirts and unexpected shoes 

Midi skirts and strappy heels are everywhere these days. The most stylish of the pack know that an unexpected shoe, such as a shiny sneaker flatform or calf height boots, can add a fashion-forward surprise to refresh this outfit formula. 


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If you’re looking for more easy ways to hit refresh on your wardrobe, see our 30 second outfit ideas made for Mon- Fri right here.