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Image: Showbit


Don’t get us wrong – we still love minimalism.

Adopting the philosophy in our lives can help to reduce our mental and physical clutter, and there is nothing not to like about clean lines, soothing neutral tones, and keeping to a strict maximum of two colours on our outfits. But every once in awhile, past the twentieth Instagram post of another #minimalist #ootd against a brick wall backdrop, going the other extreme and adopting maximalism starts to look somewhat appealing.



We get that venturing into unknown territory can be scary, so there is no need to jump into wearing star print blouses, striped pants, and statement earrings all together, all at once. Start small – beginning with accessories.

And even if you decide that maximalism isn’t your style after all, fun accessories will still add a spot of cheer to any outfit, anytime. Here are 10 we recommend:


Image: Aldo


We enjoyed slides when they first came into trend – you slip them on and call it a day. We love them even more now that they come with sequins. $79.


Image: Aldo


Not into sequins? These Aldo ones are one-up from the former with duo-coloured faux fur. $89.


Image: Stradivarius


One part edgy with a buckle strap and the other part “I’m here for a good time” with pearls and studs. $129

Image: Aldo


Gucci started the patch work trend (as they did with the bomber jacket and everything else this year) but this Aldo one comes at a close second at an affordable price point. $119.


Image: Topshop


Leopard prints make the classic slingback more fun, more party friendly and even more very-much-want. $129.


Image: Pleatation


Party season means the obligatory bag drop at a club. Make sure you’re able to spot yours easily with this shiny number. $49.

Image: Charles & Keith


Business in the front with an elegant knot and party at the back with sequins best describes these fun pair of satin slip-ons. $49.90.


Image: Bimba Y Lola


We didn’t knew we wanted cars dangling of our neck either. But this works somehow. $230.


Image: Bimba Y Lola


To infinity and beyond – but not before you pick these up from Bimba Y Lola. $80.


Image: Bimba Y Lola

Bimba Y Lola takes the phrase “eyes up here” literally with their cutest spaceship earrings. $125.