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Credit: roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Say goodbye to subdued and ‘clean’, and hello to bold and loud. Mob wife makeup is making its mark in 2024 – and it’s doing it in a very dramatic way. Dirty smokey eyes and winged liner are some elements of this look and there’s no shying away from the liberal use of makeup. If you’ve seen new looks from the likes of Hailey Bieber and Blackpink Rosé, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Makeup artist Larry Yeo describes this new trend as an escape from the overworked and over-worn ‘clean girl’ aesthetics, with a shift towards the ultra-excessive, pretend-TV look. “It’s throwing themselves into the presumed 1970s/80s ‘Italian-American look’,” he adds. 

It’s certainly a throwback to the glamorous women from movies such as Scarface or Casino. Think loud and flashy, with bright lips, heavily-lined eyes and just oozing sophistication and confidence. 

Therefore, while we have been embracing barely-there makeup recently, this takes it up a few notches by going heavy on every part of your face. It’s also not important to apply everything perfectly. In fact, having a ‘morning after’ look is one of its fun – or perhaps even sexy – features. 

Larry recommends this look for a night out or an important evening dinner. He has the following tips for achieving it: a strong-contoured eye showing a bit more old-school ‘luxury’, mid contour-cheeks with a neutral blush suited to your skin tone, and a darkened mauve lip or a stunning red lip boosted with liner.

“We have to be careful how it works on our face, though,” he advises. “Tone it down, just take one focus feature one notch down.”

To make it last, he recommends using any eye shadow base like Hourglass eye primer, to ensure everything stays in place.

“Bobbi brown eye shadow sticks are amazing to work on the depth and shadows before you apply your powder eye shadows,” he adds. “And MAC Colour Excess Gel Pencils (navy, eggplant or black) are stunning to last through wind, rain and tears.”

Larry also suggests to polish the skin with Sisley Phyto-teint Perfection, to ensure the skin has a soft matte but luminous (not flat) finish. Also, touch up where needed, such as using Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer to hide your late nights. Then, finish the look with Gucci Rouge À Lèvres Liquide Mat Lip Colour (liquid lipstick) to ensure your lipstick stays on without smudging.