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What eyeliner works best for you?Eyeliner makes a huge difference to your face. Whether you want sexy cat-eye flicks, smouldering smudged kohl, dramatically drawn on, or a neatly lined look, there is a product out there for you.

Practice makes perfect with this handy beauty tool – so don’t choose a liner just because it’s easy to use. Experiment to your heart’s content with the four types of eyeliner on the market – the liquid, gel, felt tip and pencil.

Liquid eyeliner
It might demand a steady hand, but it sure makes an impact when applied right so forget this look if you’re something of a beauty wallflower.

Think Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie, who all use flawless flicks to create the ultimate sex goddess look. It’s perfect for making a statement for a night out – just avoid during the day if you’re after a more casual, natural look.

This kind of eyeliner is perfect for women with beautiful porcelain complexions and lovers of all things vintage.

Feminine and daring, liquid eyeliner is the ultimate way to pack a punch with your make-up – just be sure to eradicate wobbly hands before applying.

Gel Eyeliner
This usually comes in a pot and is applied with a small brush which allows for ultimate precision.

A favourite of beauty professionals, it can create a whole host of looks. It can be used much like liquid liner to create strong, bold eyes, but if you’re after something a bit more subtle you will be able to smudge the lines for a less defined look.

This type of eyeliner is perfect for those with an oilier complexion as it tends to stay put without cracking or flaking. Bear this in mind when jetting off on holiday – it’s no-smudge benefits are a god-send in humid climates!

If you’re a bit of an eyeliner novice, the felt tip is the best way to try out this trend as it comes in a handy, compact and easy to apply ‘pen’ style packaging.

It’s great for creating a bold line for a more dramatic look, or equally a softer, subtle creation.

Most of these eyeliners on the market boast a fine nib, so you can build up the line as thick as you’d like – perfect for a day-to-night switch-up.

Pencil eyeliners
The sexy of all four versions. You can smudge and smear your way to smouldering heaven with this kohl product.

The only downside is losing your sharpener when it gets blunt, so opt for a retractable pencil to avoid uncomfortable stabs in the eyes.

The beauty of pencil liners is that they can be worked to endless effects – however they tend to have the shortest wear time. You can avoid it rubbing off before the day/night’s out by applying a powdered eyeshadow over the top.