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Eye makeup can be quite the chore, especially when it comes to eyeshadow. What colours should I wear, how much of the colour should I spread over my eye, and where should the colour stop? 

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Well, this machine by eyecare brand Acuvue claims to do all the work for you by analysing your eye shape, angle, and even how much sparkle your eyes have. The test is done with a trained optometrist. 

I had the opportunity to test this machine at the launch event on Tuesday  which you can read about, here  and the results show that my eyes are relatively average sized, and are angled upwards. 

Following the features of my eyes, the optometrist recommended different types of eye makeup and contact lenses that’ll enhance them.

What does an optometrist know about makeup? Well, you’d be surprised. Makeup artist Larry Yeo says that their eye makeup recommendations are just about the same as his.

Makeup 1Day Acuvue Eye Define eye analysing machine.png

I was recommented to pull the upper eyelid line out a little bit more with an eyeliner, as well as use as much mascara as possible to give a wide-eye appearance. And the best thing is, it’s all digitalised so you’ll be able to immediately see the difference without having to actually put on a full face of makeup.

At the end of the entire process, a side-by-side comparison of your face before and after makeup is shown. 

Cool huh? If you want to get your analysis, the service comes free with all eye consultations at the Specialist Eyecare Centre at Great World City.