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Between juggling her full time job and taking care of her family, Cara finds time to showcase her beauty empties and review them on her Instagram monthly. One of the beauty products that she finds impossible to resist? Makeup, specifically foundations (she boasts over 30 foundations in her collection). 37-year-old Cara who is a senior manager in the media industry has curated what amounts to a personal base makeup “museum” in her home.

Credit: Her World

When she was 18 years old, self-professed beauty junkie Cara worked part time at L’Oreal as a promoter. This helped lay the foundation of her interest in makeup. “My first foundation was Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse,” she remembers. “It made me feel confident because its light and non-cakey formula gave me a ‘my skin but better’ look.”

Credit: Her World

Her tip on finding your foundation shade? Pay attention to your skin’s undertone. “Knowing whether it’s warm, cool or neutral can help you find your best shade,” she shares. “Also read reviews to see if the foundation you want oxidises because oxidation can cause the colour to look off even when you match it perfectly in the store.”

Fast forward to today, Cara’s love for foundations remains strong because to her, “it’s really less about covering up all your imperfections and more about enhancing your complexion.”

Credit: Her World

The pandemic, however, did compel her to cut her collection. She explains, “since most of us were stuck at home, makeup became unnecessary. I’ve since tossed most of my older products and have maybe 20 to 30 now that I rotate depending on my skin, the occasion and my schedule for the day.”

Even though it takes her two to three months to go through a bottle of foundation, Cara admits that she’ll still buy new ones “for different occasions and if it’s a new release from a brand that I like.”

Credit: Her World

Her most prized piece is none other than the Tom Ford Beauty Traceless Soft Matte Foundation which was close to $150. “It gives a matte but very natural finish; great for if you want full coverage without ending up with a cakey finish,” she adds.

“I haven’t gone past the $200 mark on any foundation – yet,” she quips. “I do, however, have my eye on La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation which I heard great reviews of, and since I’d turn 40 in a few years, that may well be my present to myself!”

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