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#1 The Sleek Blowout

Youtube hair tutorial Sleek & Shiny blowout_0.jpg

Vlogger: Claire Marshall

This style works for every occasion and can be done in less than 10 minutes. The best bit: You don’t need fancy tools to achieve the sleek, salon-worthy ’do – just a round, bristled brush and a hairdryer. I have naturally frizzy, untameable hair, but this style kept it sleek and manageable all day.

Following Claire’s lead, I applied a gloss-enhancing argan oil serum on my hair. Then, I divided it into 10 sections, clipping up the first nine and leaving the last one loose.

Starting at the roots, I pulled a round, bristled brush through this section of hair while simultaneously blow-drying it; I did the same for the other nine sections.

Claire’s tutorial was easy to follow and I liked that I could find all the styling tools I needed in my room. All in all, the fuss-free style was effortless to create – it took me less than 12 minutes.

youtube hair tutorial main.jpg

Usefulness: 4/5
Duration of video: 11.39 minutes
Styling time: 12 minutes 

#2 The Braided Bun

youtube hair tutorial bubz.jpg

Vlogger: Bubzbeauty

I’ve always had a problem with braiding my hair due to a lack of dexterity, so I was sceptical when I saw that vlogger Bubzbeauty’s tutorial was only three minutes long.

Nevertheless, I gave it a go. First, I created an off -center parting and started braiding on one side. Following her instructions, I took two small sections of hair and started braiding from the crown – I took one section of hair and crossed it over the other. As I continued braiding, I incorporated extra sections of hair until I reached the ends. I secured the braid with a hair tie before repeating on the other side of my head.

Next, I brought the braids closer together at the back of my neck and formed a tightly plaited rope braid – just take one plait and cross it over the other; continue until you reach the ends. I then rolled the rope braid inwards to form a bun, and secured with bobby pins.

Bubzbeauty’s directions were crystal clear and the camera even zoomed in on her hair as she was demonstrating each step, which made the video easy to follow. For novices like myself, the look should take about 10 minutes to complete. Experienced braiders may be able to do it in five minutes or less.

youtube hair tutorial braided bun.jpg

Usefulness: 3/5
Duration of video: 3.26 minutes
Styling time: 10 minutes

#3 Soft, Romantic Curls

youtube hair tutorial curls vid.jpg

Vlogger: Lilisimply

This may look like a time-consuming hairdo, but it’s actually really easy to create. Vlogger Lilisimply got her thick hair curled in a jiffy, so I wasn’t too worried about styling my own thick mane. True enough, once I got the hang of wrapping my hair around the barrel of my curling iron, styling was a breeze.

I have dry hair, so I used a detangling brush to comb through my hair before styling, which helped make my curls look more defined. I also used a heat-protecting spray and a curl-enhancing cream to build volume.

Then, I divided my hair into six sections, and wrapped each one around the curling iron for five seconds. I used a curling iron with a small, one-inch barrel so I could create tighter curls, which retain their shape and definition for longer compared to loose curls. The finishing touch: a flexible-hold spray to keep the style in place. The result? My luscious locks survived an entire night of partying.

This style works better for those with thick, voluminous hair. If you have thinner strands, tease hair at the crown and spritz on a root-lifting spray for fuller-looking hair.

youtube hair tutorial curls.jpg

Usefulness: 2/5
Duration of video: 9 minutes
Styling time: 15 minutes

Photography: Winston Chuang, Art Direction: Sherli Chong, Grooming, Maurice Chee/Prep, Makeup: Fynn Sor/The Makeup Room

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine November 2014. 

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