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The British designer has revealed that she has a skincare line in the works, in addition to developing her own fragrance.

“I’m actually developing my own color right now as we speak, and actually my own skincare and fragrance, too,” the star revealed in a Facebook Live video posted to social media to celebrate International Women’s Day last Thursday. “As a woman I want to create things that I want in my life, and where I feel that there’s a gap. It’s never about copying what other people are doing, it’s: What do I want? What can’t I find?” She added: “I’m having a lot of fun really working on the skincare, which is going to be very scientific.”

The British fashion creative has plenty of experience in the beauty business, thanks to a partnership with Estee Lauder that saw her launch two collaborative makeup collections in September 2016 and September 2017. Her capsule releases for the beauty giant were inspired by her own beauty routine and travels, with Beckham stating that the union felt like “the perfect makeup partnership for me and my brand.”


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In venturing into the skincare industry, Beckham is following in the footsteps of household names such as supermodel and actress Christie Brinkley and singer Madonna. She will also have some competition closer to home — earlier this year, her husband David Beckham also launched his own men’s grooming brand, dubbed “House 99,” with the help of L’Oréal Luxe.

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