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So here’s the deal: you just switched over to vegan beauty and are still unsure of how everything works. Need an answer? Simple. Just follow one of these cool vegan beauty influencers to get the inside scoop on all things makeup and skincare.

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1. Teri Miyahira

The founder of the eponymous green beauty retailer is a committed vegan beauty influencer. She often posts reviews and product recommendations on both her Instagram and Youtube channel. And if you have been looking around for the perfect serum or cream to purchase, you can simply watch her videos and head over to to cart out some of the recommended products.

2. Kristen Leanne

With her fun and crazy hair colours, it is not difficult to spot this beauty vlogger-turned-lady boss. Naturally, Kristen’s brand had to be one that focuses on hair dye. The co-founder of vegan hair dye brand Arctic Fox creates videos on new vegan beauty products to know, makeup tutorials and other fun content featuring her husband.

3. Stephanie Lange

If you prefer a good mix of videos from tutorials to Q&As and even personal vlogs, this is the Youtuber to follow. She shares her vegan beauty must-haves and vegan recipes, and documents her daily life on her Youtube channel, which has over a million subscribers.


4. Monami Frost

Besides creating vegan beauty content on her Youtube channel, which has garnered over 698,000 subscribers, the stylish mum is also the founder of her very own streetwear label, Frost Streetwear, and a vegan burger joint, Frost Burger. Peruse through her channel and you will notice a variety of fun makeup tutorials (from red eyeliner look to blue lip colours) and unboxing videos.

5. Christine Kobzeff

Sunday thoughts… It’s so important to love what you do and do what you love. Many social media friends lately are concerned about their number of views on YouTube. As YouTube continues to grow and evolve, it’s harder than ever for your content to be found. You’re not alone, low views is the norm for most of us these days. ☺️ My advice is don’t worry about any of that, focus on creating content because it’s what you genuinely love to do. My friends, please don’t let numbers dictate your inner dialogue or self worth. Try not to get caught up in comparing yourself with anyone else. Don’t equate numbers, income or perceived popularity with your talent, skills, ability and where you’re going in the future. You are a one of a kind priceless treasure of this universe. #truth

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If you are planning to switch over to all things vegan (your diet included), then you have to check out Christine Kobzeff’s Youtube channel, which has over 765,000 subscribers. Not only does she spotlight the vegan beauty products that work best for her skin, she is also known for trying out vegan food recipes, which you can easily recreate at home.

6. Jessica Haze

As a vegan makeup artist, this Australian beauty maestro is highly revered for her creative makeup tutorials and looks using only vegan products. And if you are a lippie lover, here’s some good news: she is always posting videos on lipstick reviews, trying on all the different shades from various collections.

7. Jade Madden

Looking for some inspo for that themed party? Then you have to check out Jade Madden’s Youtube channel. Her one-of-a-kind special effects makeup looks are all created using vegan beauty products and she even does reviews on them. What’s not to love?

8. Kelsey Anna Fitzpatrick

I’m here for a long time not a good time

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A member of Kat Von D’s makeup artistry collective, you can expect an array of wacky looks from this vegan makeup artist – think bleached eyebrows, fun coloured eyelashes and a smudged-out orange lip look. Great for those who aren’t afraid to go bold.