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Nowadays, TikTok has been highly regarded as one of the top few sources for driving some of the latest beauty trends. Be it hacks on applying foundation to quick and easy hairstyles, the list goes on and on. However, more recently, there’s a new nail trend that’s been going viral on the platform and it has everything to do with your love life. 

Enter the red nail theory. 


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While the classic red manicure has been around for eons (and isn’t going anywhere), TikTok users have admitted that they have managed to score a date when they paint their nails red. Could it really be that easy? 

Well, for the most part, many single women on the platform who have tried the red nail theory on the platform, have admitted to seeing great success after getting their nails done in red. But that begs the question: does painting your nails a vibrant red the key to getting a potential lover’s attention? 

According to TikTok user GirlBoss Town, she explained the reason why red manicures are so attractive is because it’s a powerful, bold colour that’s synonymous with femininity. After her video was posted, there were about 69 million searches (and counting) for the ‘red nail theory’, with thousands of other TikTokers jumping on the trend, uploading videos of their own shiny red manicures.

Based on a study published in 2008 by psychologists Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta from the University of Rochester, the colour red has also been said to make men feel more attracted towards women.


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Other users have also mentioned that men are more amorous towards women with red nails because it “reminds them of their mums when they were growing up, taking care of them.” 

However, not everyone feels the same way about the trend. When we first saw it on TikTok, we were curious to know about the sentiments men in Singapore have towards girls with manicured nails and those that have painted them red. 

Does it really make her more attractive towards men? Are red nails popular in Singapore? 

Well, after interviewing a few men, some have noted that they do find ladies with red nails really attractive, with some noting that they do find them a lot more confident and classy. 

On the other hand, there have been a few mixed reactions towards those with red manicures. For instance, some of them have noted that they would much prefer those with french manicured nails or even those with white nails, as they are seen as more sophisticated and attractive. By contrast, others have also mentioned that ladies with bright red nails are often seen as sleazy and cheap.

Overall, while the red nail theory may have worked for some of these TikTok users, your manicure should still be something that you should rely on when it comes to your dating life. Sure, it can be a great conversation starter because it’s bold and bright enough for many to notice, but it might not be suitable for everyone.