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Award: Best Brightening Serum for Dark Spots – Editor’s Choice

The Winner: Re:erth Illuminating Concentrate

RE-ERTH - Illuminating Concentrate

Who doesn’t want an even-toned, naturally healthy and radiant complexion, unmarred by hyperpigmentation and stubborn dark spots? That’s where Re:erth Illuminating Concentrate, formulated with botanical ingredients backed by groundbreaking science, comes in. Its secret? The brand’s exclusive Japanese Spring Turmeric leaf extract, plus Monkey Jack Heartwood extract and Oxyresveratrol.

The last, which helps brighten and even skin tone, is said to be 150 times more powerful than resveratrol and 32 times stronger than kojic acid. The active ingredient suppresses the skin activities that cause overproduction of melanin, helping to control hyperpigmentation and dark-spot formation.

In addition, cherry blossom flower extract helps stave off the effects of ageing and damage caused by glycation.

At the same time, the serum uses a patented, state- of-the-art system to deliver the potent actives deep into the skin, transforming it from dull to luminous. A unique airtight, cylindrical pump in its packaging ensures that you get the perfect dose every time.

The best bit? While this is an anti-dark-spot treatment, it can be used as an all-over complexion brightener and radiance enhancer – even around the eyes. Plus, it works as a preventive treatment – because dark spots aren’t always visible when they are forming beneath the skin’s surface.

The promise: brighter, more luminous and an even- looking complexion in as little as four weeks.

Re:erth Illuminating Concentrate is priced at $128, and available at the Re:erth flagship counter at Tangs at Tang Plaza and

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