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New question on the lips of hair-nistas everywhere: Got swag?

The sharpest new cut in town is a sexy spin on the long bob, or lob, and it’s slaying the coiffure competition on red carpets and runways, having been spotted on cool clotheshorses like Freja Beha Erichsen.



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But what’s a swag, exactly? Credit where it’s due: The catchy name was coined by celeb stylist Sunnie Brook, and it’s supposed to stand for “swingy shag”. Still clueless? Take it from the mane maiden herself: “All those lobs and long mermaid waves are going to get a good shag! I’m calling it the swag – long layers and peek-a-boo bangs designed at different lengths, depending on your face shape.”



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Here’s how to get it “razor” right. Direct your dresser to layer the front for a feathery fringe you can “hide” under; if you’re adventurous, ask for a cool choppy cut you can muss up with a matte-finish wax when you’re ready to hit the clubs .   

Maintenance for this fun, fast ‘do  is pretty much nil: Simply set your blow dryer on the lowest heat possible, then “finger-dry” by ruffling the fringe until it’s dry.

Oh, one last thing about the swag. The length is beyond perfect if you’re in the mood for rocking a beach-ready Beyoncé wob – rake a bit of hair oil through the ends of your tresses, whip your head back and forth and you’re good to go. #Flawless!