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Lawrence Teo

Much of the beauty industry’s efforts to be more eco-conscious has been focused on cosmetic and skincare formulations and packaging, but lesser has been said about perfumes. However, it seems like a handful of brands are turning a corner with these new scents.

For fragrance fans, Issey Miyake’s L’Eau D’Issey has been synonymous with light and breezy accords. The new L’Eau D’Issey Eau & Magnolia ($140-$188) evokes a fluid feel, with a dew-like infusion held together by Aquozone – a synthetic accord that gives off a floral, aquatic scent, using notes of fresh bergamot and warm neroli.

Naturally derived elements make up 85 per cent of the fragrance’s ingredients, and the eau de toilette is responsibly sourced and vegan certified. The signature Issey Miyake bottle is now made of 20 per cent post-consumer recycled glass, while its cap is derived from ashwood that’s composed singly, reducing the need for assembly.

Credit: Lawrence Teo

The latest concoction from Narciso Rodriguez combines luxury with sustainable methods. Narciso Eau de Parfum Cristal ($106-$190) is made of soft petal blooms, lush roses and white floral accords, followed by a voluptuous dry down of musk with wood, amber, cedarwood and cashmere.

Using bergamot that is ethically sourced from Italy and an upcycling method to conjure the scent of roses, the EDP also contains 85 per cent of naturally derived ingredients.

Then there is the No. 1 de Chanel L’Eau Rouge ($179), part of the sustainable No.1 de Chanel line. All 11 products of the line feature the camellia, which was Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower. With notes of zesty citrus and red berries, rich jasmine and rose, and comforting iris and musk, the scent is an energetic and invigorating crowd-pleaser.

Made with 97 per cent naturally derived ingredients, the fragrance is contained in a lighter glass bottle, reducing its total carbon footprint by half. Its packaging is FSC-approved and comes with no singleuse plastics, while QR codes replace printed instructions.

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